Fitness DiariesIt’s back! Here lies the next instalment of the Fitness Diaries, where I’ve looked to have shaken a few things up a bit…



My Routine

My routine has changed a lot in the past few weeks, with the biggest change being that I’ve started attending Crossfit classes.


I remember saying to Paul how high-intensity workouts were literally my worst nightmare and made me wanna vom, but here we are.

I actually started by looking for somewhere local that did weightlifting so I could progress and came across Crossfit Ulysses that had recently launched a Weightlifting Club. With some funding they were offering free ladies access for 3 months.

Could there be any better reason for me to pop along?

So I’ve been working on Cleans, Jerks and those pesky Snatches and whilst there I was umm-ing and ahh-ing on whether to try out the actual Crossfit.

The next day they were offering the first 15 sign ups a free month’s trial. & well Bobs’ your Uncle, here I am.

At the moment I’m trying to do two Crossfit classes a week, two Weightlifting classes and one solo session working on whatever I fancy.

Let’s see if I can keep it up. & most importantly if my body can.


My Body

I hadn’t really seen a great deal of change in my body.

That was until a friend at work pointed out an old picture I’d taken when I started my Fitness Instagram page and I sat it by the side of a more recent one.


I have actually changed and it’s made my body confidence increase, just ever so slightly, but it’s a positive change. It really wasn’t until the comparison was made that I felt, ‘phew, things are starting to go places’.

I’ve noticed the biggest of changes in my stomach/waistline which I’m pleased about and my butt is much perkier than it was.

I think small changes in my diet have made the difference when it comes to my lil midriff. I’ve just made simple switches that seem to have made a big difference. Some of these include; swapping rice/potato for veg with certain dishes, not having lots of cuppa’s, not snacking as much and drinking more water.

What do I wanna focus on next? My bloomin’ pockets of fat on my thighs and my hamstrings. Get TIGHT WILL YA?!

I’m not gonna lie though, CrossFit HURTS. Like whilst I’m writing this I’m ACHING. Good ache tho.


My Mind

At this present moment in time, I’m liiiiiving for the gym/working out, which is why I’m going full steam ahead with it all.

I was super duper nervous to head along to a new place but everyone at Ulysses is super welcoming and friendly which has put my worrisome mind at ease. I’m still in two minds whether or not to transfer there full-time after my free trials are up. I’m 75% sure I wanna move…

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the end of 2017 was a major struggle for me in terms of mental health and I cannot come to terms with how much weightlifting has helped me.

It is one of the only things that gives me control and sanity right now, so incorporating more and more different elements into my life is making me super happy.


My Achievements

I think first and foremost, going somewhere completely new by myself is a massive achievement.

As well as plucking up the courage to question whether I was fit enough to handle a CrossFit class and begin to bring them regularly into my routine.

Starting to learn Olympic weightlifting movements is an achievement, especially when it comes to putting the bar overhead.

The first time I did a power snatch I literally feared for my skull/face.

Weight wise?

I smashed a 70KG Deadlift PB the other day so chickaaaayeaaaaaahh.


My Goals

So my last goals were; To improve nutrition, which I feel like I’ve done slightly. To make a conscious effort with dinners for work, er kinda. & to push for 3 sessions a week in the gym, which I’m smashing and even doing back-to-back classes.

So here are a few for the next few weeks.

  • Confidently practice Power Snatches on my own
  • Continue to attempt to track food
  • Keep up 2 Crossfit classes a week


& that’s my second instalment of the fitness diaries.

Your gal is still loving cheesy garlic bread though.

Megan. xo