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Getting Back Into Fitness

April 1, 2019
getting back into fitness - A stacked set of Gymshark leggings.

After a 4-month weight liftin’, Crossfittin’ hiatus, I’m finally getting back to the gym and into a consistent fitness routine and it’s much harder than I ever imagined.


I needed it. Before Christmas I hit a bit of a low with my training, I wasn’t enjoying it as such and needed a break over Christmas. I needed time to delve into a never-ending box of Malteasers, cha feel?

I found that rounds of burpees and press ups wasn’t giving me the level of joy it had been a few months previous and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) smacked me right in the face. All I was wanting to do was snuggle on the sofa with Netflix and my pooches.

I was really struggling with my progression with my Snatch (that’s an Olympic Weightlifting lift, not an awful name for a vagina) and my body was constantly exhausted working around a job that didn’t fill me with smiles either.

Then, I went on a 2 month life hiatus to South East Asia, trained 3 times with my partner and enjoyed it for the most part. But as you can imagine, my priorities laid either on the beach or up a mountain, not with deadlifts and squats.

(But srsly, we had the best time and SO many beers.)

I came back and had no mode of transport or a job so getting back to the gym wasn’t really in it for me. I mean, I know I could have ran to the gym but, nah.

ALAS, I now have both so it’s back to the gym to pump some iron.

(No, I don’t really do that.)

getting back into fitness - A stacked set of Gymshark leggings.


I did toy with the idea of going back to CrossFit, but during the second half of last year I was on a programme, so I ended up doing my own thing in the Box rather than classes. For all you non CrossFitters out there, a ‘Box’ is what they call a CrossFit gym.

I seen a massive improvement as the programme was completely personalised to me and although it was more of a solo thing, I did enjoy being among the community for the most part.

But now, I’m trying to be more sensible with money so that I can fund my ongoing wanderlust dreams so I’m doing my programme at a ‘regular’ gym to save money.

It just makes sense to me and my bank right now.

The programme that I’m doing is CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting led, so I’m still doing exactly the same stuff as before. The gym I’m going to has a great functional fitness area with everything I need and I even get access to the pools (inc hydrotherapy) and the saunas/steam rooms available.

I can’t wait to do my life pondering next to Greg in his speedos in a sweaty room. HA.

The big downside to not working out in a CrossFit box is the community side of things and although it will be missed, right now I need to be clever with my spends. How adult am I?!

getting back into fitness - The logo on a pink pair of Gymshark leggings.


This year, I want to put in the hard work. It’s going to be a slow start to get back up to even slight of a level of where I used to be but I’m determined to continue to improve.

Within my first week back, I’ve definitely seen just how much both my fitness and strength have dipped. I can’t lift the weight I used to and my first few WODS knocked me off my feet. But that’s ok.

I’ve struggled with my asthmatic bugger of a chest so I’ve been working with my coach to ease back into the high intensity stuff as I don’t want to make myself poorly.

& my coach is my partner so I can deffo throw a strop whenever I don’t want to do a specific workout haha.

My DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness} have been like no other. After my second day training I struggled to take the dogs for a walk because my quads felt like bricks but I know it’ll get better with time.

But the one thing I’ve noticed, is the joy it’s brought me in such a short space of time. For me, there’s something about working out that brings this little bit of peace to my head – especially in times where life may feel a bit overwhelming.

Also, like, SO excited to get some more Gymshark pieces.

Are you getting back into fitness this year? Tell me about your journey and if you’re struggling with getting back on the bus as well as what you’re reason ‘why’ is!

Megan. xo