Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton HallFancy a Spa Break in Leeds, do you? A fifteen-minute drive out of the hustle and bustle of the city centre is the beautiful and fabulous Oulton Hall.

The Hotel

Heading up the road towards the hotel, there are yards and yards of green grounds. Oulton Hall is 300-acre, home to a golf course, has 152 bedrooms and boy, is it beautiful to look at. As we walked through the huge doors, we were greeted warmly by the concierge and checked in with ease.

The hotel itself is ginormous, with super tall ceilings, incredible chandeliers and luxury sofas and armchairs fill the spaces to ensure guests feel at home (if there home was luxe & this big!).

We had an hour or so to kill before our check-in and we decided to check out the Champagne Bar, which was without a doubt, my favourite room of the entire place. It’s incredibly spacious with long windows that bring in a great deal of light.

The floor seats were full so we pulled up some bar stools and ordered ourselves Gin and Vodka mixers. The bar menu is extensive and it’s also somewhere you can have a lighter lunch if you wished. The menu has cocktails to choose from as well as a humongous list of available spirits – you’re sure to find one that’ll tickle your pickle.

We spent both the afternoon and evening in here after our meal and loved the atmosphere; relaxing, chilled out with calm music.

All of our meals (read about them below!) were ate in the Calvery Grill, which offers a buffet lunch and breakfast if you’re on a Spa Break weekend. We also ate our evening meal in there also.

The luxury feel is continued through here, with the deep reds and black to give the restaurant a dark yet cosy vibe so that you are almost transported into somewhere completely different to the hotel.

Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton HallThe Room

I think the room that we were blessed with was my favourite part of the stay. We were very lucky to be given one of their VIQ rooms which was absolutely stunning and had amazing amenities alongside it.

It first off, had a ginormous super king size bed, which meant me and Marsh could sprawl ourselves out without touching each other (who really spoons all night? Not me!) and it had super cosy cushions to rest our tired little heads.

Two armchairs and a table are provided, which would be great if you were staying a few days and had to get some business type stuff done, but that’s not what we were there for!

A large desk with a big TV on the wall and mirror by the side of it stood at the foot of the bed. & a little minibar (which is complimentary in VIQ rooms) full of water, Peroni’s, wine and diet coke. I have to say I got the most excited about the mini ‘proper’ milk for your cups of tea – BONUS!

The bathroom was spacious, with great lighting and a big mirror for you to get all dolled up in. Although I do prefer separate shower/baths, the shower was fine but the bathrooms could do with a bit of updating slightly.

Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton Hall Spa Break in Leeds - Oulton HallThe Food

Oh, the food, the FOOD.

So with our little Spa Break, we were first given a buffet lunch upon arrival. I wasn’t massively hungry but I was definitely ready for a little nibble of something.

There were only a few little bits and bobs on offer but we were quite happy with the choices. I opted for the Potato and Leek soup with a bread roll, whilst Marshall went for the Quorn Meatballs with a jacket potato and salad.

There were people sat around in robes who had already been enjoying the luxuries of the Spa and I was super jealous. I want to eat all meals in a bathrobe.

There was a selection of desserts which I obviously couldn’t say no to. Mini chocolate eclairs and cheesecakes? Yes please a million times over thank you very much.

I was most excited for the evening meal and it most certainly did not disappoint. With a glass of prosecco at the ready, I was most certainly prepared for what was about to come my way.

Marsh opted for a starter of Goats Cheese and, although I can’t comment, he said it was rather delicious.

For mains, we were met with an abundance of choice and I think we both made excellent decisions if I do say so myself. Marsh opted for a sirloin steak which he commented as ‘one of the best he’s ever had’. Myself? The Pork Belly.

Oh wow. With a side of fondant potato, a delicious butternut squash and the cutest mini glazed carrots, I just couldn’t get enough. It was out of this world to say the least.

After our main meal, service was slightly slow. It was great that we were left to our own devices but we kinda just wanted our plates cleared and a dessert ordered!

After a few failed waves to get a waiter’s attention, we ordered the Chocolate Brownie to share (um, yeah right?!). & within a flash it had gone. Can I get a batch delivered direct to my door, please?!

Night came and went and before we knew it we were up for breakfast and BOY was it busy.

We were unfortunately seated in the worst possible place, right next to the door of the buffet and with a queue that stretched right around our table, it was hard to feel comfortable with people standing over you eating a bowl of Rice Krispies.

There was a full english buffet ready to go, which Marshall took delight in devouring, whilst I wasn’t too hungry so just went for some pastries and a bowl of cereal.

I feel like the breakfast would have been pretty perfect if we hadn’t of been seated in such an awkward place.

But all in all, the food was pretty dang brilliant.


The Spa

Finally, we come to the Spa! After checking in, we grabbed our swimwear and headed down to the Spa.

After checking in, we grabbed our swimwear and headed down to the Spa. First off, I have to say it was very busy. Expected for a Saturday, so I imagine if you go during the week you’ll probably meet a quieter experience.

Within Oulton Hall there is a pool area with seats surrounding with a jacuzzi as well as a Steam room and a Sauna room – both of which we loved chilling out in and letting our worries sweat away (That means it’s good – promise!).

Unfortunately, due to the sheer business of it, we didn’t get chance to have a dip in the jacuzzi as it was always full which was a real shame – I haven’t been in a jacuzzi in a long time! But we had a little chill and swim around in the pool both before and after our massages.

Ah. The massage.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the greatest massage I’ve ever had. I get massages quite regularly and with the gym, I like and enjoy the pressure to be quite firm.

I think the masseuse mixed up my bones for tender areas and really went in on my spine and coccyx. It was rather painful and I was actually glad when it ended. But, hey ho, everything can’t be perfect, right?

I think next time I’d just opt for a relaxing massage rather than one with pressure as Marshall’s was so relaxing he nearly nodded off!


So there you have it, a rather lengthy round-up of my experience of a Spa Break in Leeds at Oulton Hall. Where are you thinking of taking a Spa break?

Megan. xo

*The cost of this fabulous stay was covered by Q Hotels, all views are my own*