Fitness DiariesDid somebody say FITNESS? Megan Lillie, doing fitness?! No. Never! Introducing The Fitness Diaries, a check-in of how much my butt hurts.

My Routine

I’ll start these Fitness Diaries off with my routine.

When it comes to my routine in the gym, I used to be clueless. I’d come to the gym, do 15 minutes or so of mild cardio, pump some light weights and pop back home for a cuppa and biscuits.

When approached by PT Paul Robinson to work together, I told him about how much I would love to be able to work with heavier weights.

& that’s exactly what we’ve done. We did a couple of sessions for Paul to assess my mobility & ability and he put together 3 amazing routines for us to work on.

Two primary lower-body focused, and one upper – all also introducing some core training.

If you’d like to know a little bit more of what they look like and how they’re structured, let me know and I can work with Paul on a post in the next Fitness Diaries!

We’ve been working on back squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, clean to press’, RDL’s to name only a few movements.

& do I love it? BOY DO I!

There’s nothing quite like a session lifting heavy weights to make me feel powerful. 99% of sessions (hey, we all have bad days) I come away feeling strong and positive.

& I have to thank Paul for that – he’s given me the confidence to feel confident in the gym!


My Body

In terms of how I feel about my body, I’m not loving it as much as I’d like to just yet. But I’m definitely stronger, which is a start.

I mean, I never thought my little 5-foot self would be able to lift 50kgs, like, ever. I’ve been lifting weights with numbers I never even imaged myself doing so.

So that’s something to go by.

However, I’ve always had hang-ups with my not-so-teen-anymore body that I still need to learn to love, and in time I think I will – I’ll get there.

I’m working on slowly accepting my chunky thighs and short yet strong legs that have been passed down from my Mother’s side of the family.

I’m still tugging at my tummy flab hoping that one day it’ll just ping off, but like I said, I’ll get there.


My Mind

I joined the gym like a cliche in January and have had spurts of motivation here and there but the past 6 weeks, I’ve felt pretty solid.

I would say that 80% of the time my motivation is there, which feels amazing.

I felt as if I was constantly dipping in and out of the gym but apart from genuine reasons, I’ve been pretty consistent with my two sessions a week.

Sometimes a third one on a weekend if I’m feeling fancy, but more on that later.

My mind goes somewhere else when I’m in the gym. It’s been a time for my thoughts to silence and my head to clear.

I focus on my form and the weight and I’m at peace.

Well, as peaceful as you can be with 55kg on your back…


My Achievements

There are quite a couple of things I’ve achieved over the past month or so that I’m buzzing with!

First off is actually going downstairs in the heavyweight gym with all the big guys. I’ve done this both with Paul and by myself which is massive for me.

I have absolutely no fear with walking up to a rack and popping a load of weights on my barbell now.

I never thought I’d feel like that.

I also started to film a few videos over on my fitness Instagram account which is also something that I’ve wanted to do to record my progress.

(& if you like videos about fitness, Paul’s started filming some himself!)

I started that Instagram for just that, to record progress and my journey.

Not for anything else!

Weight wise?

RDLs – 12 reps of 50kg

Back Squats – 5 reps of 55kg

Deadlift – 3 reps of 50kg


My Goals

I’m gonna set some goals every time I write one of these posts, because there is always room for improvement, right?

My biggest goal over the next few months is to make an improvement in terms of my food. But I’m still gonna eat cake and biscuits, because cake and biscuits.

I’d like to make more of a conscious effort with my dinners for work, whether this means knocking up an extra portion on an evening for the next day, or prepping a few meals, I’d like to make more of an effort.

I’d also like to push to 3 solid sessions a week in the gym – 2 during the week and 1 on a weekend.

My thought is that if I also do a session on a weekend, my food may not lapse as much as it currently does.


& that’s my first instalment of the fitness diaries.

I still god damn love cheesy garlic bread though.

Megan. xo