Hopes for 2018Hopes for 2018Happy 2018! This time of year, everybody is setting goals. But I’m looking at it slightly differently and sharing some hopes for 2018 with you.

I hope to… Feel better.

2017, especially the back end of the year, seen a dip in both my mental and physical health. So I’m hoping that this year brings an improvement in both.

Keep yer’ toes crossed for me.

I’ll be working on improving my diet so that I’m getting the nutrients I need for my iron levels, which has a huge impact on my energy levels and motivation.

Broccoli, come at me.

In terms of my mental health, it’s something I still don’t feel completely comfortable going into at the moment – but it’s work-in-progress & I’ll speak about it when I’m ready.


I hope to… Fall back in love.

Blogging took a huge back step for me in 2017. With moving out, full-time working life and everything else thrown into the mix, I fell behind.

Within a blink of an eye, the bloggersphere evolved without me and I still don’t freakin’ know where I sit within all of this.

But I wanna try, I wanna try post at least once a week and fall back in love with the entire process. I wanna go to more events and meet more bloggers and take more photos. I wanna do more.

Social media scared me a lot this year but still, I’m hopeful.

(Please say you guys still remember me???)


I hope to… Get stronger.

As you know, 2017 also made me fall a little in love with the gym.

Ok, a lot in love with it.

I began my own fitness journey when I joined the gym this time last year, but it wasn’t until September/October time when I really began to see a difference. & I’ve also begun to document that too in the Fitness Diaries.

Working with a personal trainer, Paul Robinson, has given me the confidence and technique I was missing to work out in a way that benefits me and makes me happy.

I love lifting weights and plan to get even stronger this year!


I hope to… Balance life.

Like I said, the struggle to balance everything meant blogging slacked, so balance is going to be the key focus for 2018.

I’m not quite sure what that means in terms of the actions I need to take to implement that balance.

Whether it’s going to be freeing up a couple of weekends for taking some time to blog and taking evenings to practice a little bit of self-care, it needs to be done.

I can’t go through 2018 feeling like a dodgy pair of unbalanced scales again! Any tips on balancing work and life are much-o appreciated, thanking you!


I hope to… Meet people.


They’re always welcome but it does get harder as you get older, doesn’t it?

I’m not exactly the most super sociable of people but I just want more friends to hang out with. People to nip out and go for a cuppa with, or grab a big pizza garlic bread with.


Garlic bread lovers? Where are you???

Slide into my DM’s.


& those are my hopes for 2018. What do you hope comes your way? Share your hopes for 2018 in the comments below, or tweet me!

Megan. xo