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Beauty | The Winter Skincare Line Up [AD]

November 22, 2017

Winter Skincare Winter Skincare Winter Skincare Winter Skincare Winter Skincare Winter Skincare*This post contains gifted items that were sent for my consideration*

Winter skincare is important. The cold weather and wind certainly can make our skin feel tight and dry so there’s no time better to look after it.

Winter skincare is usually full of rich creams and masks to bring the skin back to life. I thought I’d offer a couple of products outside of those brackets.

But they’ll still make your skin look absolutely bangin’.

Sunday Riley’s Juno

This stuff on a morning will make your skin feel like it just slept for a year. Pricey, yes. But in my opinion, all Sunday Riley products that I’ve tried are worthy the price-tag 100%.

Would I lie to you?

Using cold-pressed seed oils, antioxidants and loads of other good stuff the dry oil absorbs into your skin quick enough to apply any makeup on a few moments after.

It’s not one of those oils where you’re left feeling slightly greasy for an hour or so afterward – once you apply, you’re ready to crack on.

It brings life to your skin immediately, making it look plump, hydrated and ready for a day at work.

Faux alive skin FTW.

Jurlique’s Hydrating Mist

I carry some form of face mist in my bag wherever I go. It’s a bag must-have for me.

Whether it’s designed to be a makeup setting spray or just a general hydrating mist, I need something in my bag to bring my skin back to life during long dark days.

& I have about four bottles of the mists from Jurlique, including this stunning limited edition Sweet Violet & Grapefruit Hydrating Mist, which does smell like parma violets.


Jurlique’s mists are without a doubt my favourite. They smell incredible, help improve your moisture levels and soothes the skin. Whether it’s before you apply makeup, during the day or on an evening before bed, it’s bound to make you feel a bit more chill.

Philosophy’s Take a Breath Eye Gel

Eyes are the windows to our soul, apparently. Well, they seem to love showing our friggin’ tiredness, don’t they?!

You can tell immediately when I haven’t had enough sleep or feel stressed as my eyes look sunken and all dark.

This Philosophy Eye Gel cools and soothes tired eyes whilst being careful regarding the delicate skin around the eye. It’s like a cold compress for your peepers.

The addition of barley leaf allows the increase in oxygen levels which makes the eyes appear fuller and assist with dark circles. It’s so nice and gentle around the eyes I just wanna fall asleep after using it.

The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid

Oh boy, hyaluronic acid and myself have a little love affair going on. It’s the secret that everybody knows will help with dehydrated skin.

Oil-free in the cutest little bottle with a pipette, The Ordinary have hit the nail on the head with this beauty.

It gets itself deep into the layers of your skin to provide you, over time, with hydrated skin that feels and looks plumper. Less sunken lines, more elasticity – that’s what this beaut brings.

Tailoring your winter skincare to battle with dehydration and dryness is the way forward and this little addition will work wonders long-term if used consistently.


Elemis’ Peptide 4

Oils definitely should be used on oily skin as well as normal and dry skin, so don’t be afraid of a product when oil is mentioned.

The combination of this Night Recovery Cream-Oil brings double benefits to your skin. The cream brings hydration whilst the oil protects yo skin from nasties.

It’s no lie that your skin regenerates and renews overnight and this is the type of product where you see a difference the moment you wake up.

Like you look in the mirror and hate the reflection a little bit less.

Don’t you just love those moments?

Have you tried any of these products? What do you include in your winter skincare routine?

Megan. xo