Lifestyle | 5 Beginner Steps To A Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

eco-friendly lifestyle products for beginners

*This post contains gifted items*

With the rise of veganism and having an eco-friendly lifestyle (and the temperature of our planet) I thought it about time I made some changes.

A little disclaimer about this; I’m always open to learn new things and how I can improve. So please, feel free to message me and give me all the advice!


At the moment, I don’t feel as if I could commit and go full vegetarian. I simply don’t have the palate just yet and still have a pretty bad relationship with food. But I’m making a conscious effort to have introduce ‘meat-free days’.

Traveling in some poorer countries definitely opened up my eyes to the meat industry. Seeing things that happen over here but just not right in-front of our own eyes led me to eating vegetarian meals quite often. So I’m hoping this shouldn’t be too hard.

It is definitely going to be a trial phase, but I’m excited to cook up some meat free dishes and experiment on those days I choose to not eat meat! I even whipped up a sweet potato & lentil curry the other day and WOW.

I think there is a lot of pressure to become veggie/vegan nowadays, but a little something is better than nothing – even if I manage one day a week, it’s a small but important difference, as well as being a challenge at the same time.

UPDATE: I’ve managed one/two days a week since I began writing this post – buzzin’!

eco-friendly products for beginners


I’ve spoken about my menstrual cup in more detail here, but as a bid to reduce my waste I’ve changed up my period catcher. Ha. Funny, not gross guys.

Using a menstrual cup, as they are reusable (for years!), saves so much waste going to landfill or ending up in the ocean amongst our beloved sea-life. Tampons and sanitary pads have plastic elements that can’t be recycled so are left to just be dumped.

I know making this change only affects half of our population, and some ladies for their own reasons cannot make the change. But, if you’re considering it, it can save both money and the environment – win-win!

& if the idea of it freaks you out, I was once freaked out too – that’s ok! My post includes a Q&A regarding using the cup which may set your mind at ease a little.

A quick note; they’re not as messy as you think, they need some getting used to but are easy and they are comfortable for most – promise!

eco-friendly products for beginners


I haven’t actually bought any beauty products in a long time [thank u stash], but I’m thinking with a more eco-friendly lifestyle head on when it comes to my future beauty purchases.

Two of the things I’ll be looking to change to is using shampoo/conditioner bars – which reduces plastic usage. I’ll be heading to LUSH on my next town trip to see what they’re all about. & also cruelty free products for when I’m shopping around.

If you’re a face wipe fiend, you could possibly consider making the swap to a eco-friendly face cloth, like this Magnitone Wipe Out Microfibre Cleansing Cloth which I’ve been using on a daily basis to remove my makeup.

With no cleanser needed, all I’ve been doing is using warm water to remove my makeup and clean my ol’ skin and it works a dream. It can be used 1000’s of times and can replace your makeup wipes (which btw guys, end up in landfill).

Which also in turn, saves you money on wipes hey hoooooooooo.

eco-friendly products for beginners


The plastic straw/plastic cup debate is nothing new and is something that has come to a massive light in the last few years. I’m ashamed to say that it’s took me this long to do something that I knew I could have done years ago.

After seeing the sheer wastage of plastic bottles in Cambodia, I decided to pick up this… bottle. I’m not actually sure of the name as Amazon holds a whole host of words in its title, but it’s basically a cup that keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. Ideal!

I’ll be filling it up with coffee or tea on a morning and cold water for when I’m kicking about during the day. It’ll just save me the plastic (& expense!) of picking up a bottle of water when I’m mooching about.

As well as this, I picked up some metal straws to carry around with me. I do much prefer drinking out of a straw, especially in some places, and this will help me to save a hell of a lot of plastic when I’m drinking.


Ok, it’s boring BUT it’s so important and can make such a difference over time. Talking about having an eco-friendly lifestyle in terms of electricity, water and paper usage definitely isn’t sexy but if it’s going to help our planet by a super-small-fraction of a percent, I’m game.

A important change I’ve made is not charging my phone overnight, why do I need to leave it plugged in for 8 hours? Ridiculous! & then I’ll leave it to drain before I charge it again.

Megan ‘don’t-go-under-50%’ is gone guys.

I’m trying to have shorter showers and only have a bath when I really fancy one for a treat. I really don’t need to stand and ponder my life whilst wasting water now, do I?

Also, go paperless! If you can, set your bank statements to paperless and unsubscribe from any paper mailing lists your on. Read your content/bills online (if you can of course!).

All of these changes are small, I understand, but I’m happy to be making an effort and hopefully inspired you to change even just one aspect of your lifestyle. What changes have you made (or plan to make!) to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

Megan. xo