Netflix RecommendationsI love my hermit corner and spend a lot of my time in it. So how about some of my latest Netflix recommendations, huh?

Dark | I’m not going to lie. I almost didn’t continue watching this after the first 10 minutes as it’s the first ever ‘dubbed’ series I’ve watched. So this is where it’s originally been filmed in another language and the English is ‘dubbed’ over. But please – persist!

Based in 2019 Germany, there are children going missing every 33 years all under the same circumstance, as if history is repeating itself.

A sci-fi drama filled with time travel (but not the cheesy kind), mind-boggling guessing of which bloomin’ year you are in and who’s who in what generation.

I found myself totally gripped by this programme and found myself asking the question ‘WENN IS MIKKEL?!’.

You’ll just have to watch it to see what I’m on about.


How To Get Away With Murder | After my work gal Georgia kept on mentioning this programme, I thought I’d try it out and was hooked after the first episode.

A bunch of law students working under badass lawyer Annalise Keating find themselves caught up in their own murder stories whilst trying to defend and prosecute the criminals they are faced with. It’s full of lies, secrets, sex and well, murder.

Each episode pretty much shows you a new ‘case’ that the team is working on, but it also unveils bits and pieces of the bigger story.

There are cliffhangers galore and curveballs being thrown left, right and center and I LIVED for it. I was well and truly hooked on this programme, constantly being left wanting more.

& more.

& more.



Mindhunter | Oh, Jonathan Groff, how I love you. Set in the late 70’s and based on a true-crime book, Groff is part of an FBI duo who begin the process of profiling and criminal psychology that led to the term; serial killers.

Groff and his team interview some of the most heinous criminals asking some *ahem* not so appropriate questions to get to the bottom of the thinking behind their crimes.

It’s gripping, makes your mind boggle in parts and is fascinating to feel like you are getting inside of a psychopath’s mind.

I can’t wait for Season 2 already.

I loved it.


Black Mirror | I’m sure everybody knows about Black Mirror, but I’m here to try and convert those who haven’t been blessed with watching this fantastic series.

How do I begin to describe the beauty that is Black Mirror? It takes on an alternative modern or future society and moulds it with technology to make us query and question various aspects of life.

It covers a wide array of topics from murder, social acceptance and homosexuality. It is heavily influenced by future technologies that are bizarre such as physically ‘blocking’ someone out of your life, a killer social media hashtag and that is just the beginning.

My mind has been blown by some of their episodes & their latest releases haven’t disappointed.


End of the ***ing World | My latest watch and a strange one to say the least but I actually kinda enjoyed it. With short 20 or so minute episodes, it follows the runaway story of two teens that are just a little bit different to everyone else.

There’s James, who’s a budding sociopath who teams up with, or rather gets forced to run away with Alyssa, a foul-mouthed girl who quite frankly, doesn’t give a damn about anything and anyone – apart from it would seem, James.

They get caught up in one, two or three rather serious incidents on their way whilst there own little love story develops and the fuzz are after them.

But what did two 17 year olds do that was so bad?


So there is my latest Netflix recommendations. What have you been watching?

Megan. xo