Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Beverly HillsThe brow queens and liquid lipstick OG’s that are Anastasia Beverly Hills have arrived at Feel Unique, which is all sorts of exciting.

Smack my hand when I tell you that I’ve only ever tried one, yes, one product from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I fell in love the Dipbrow Pomade way back when and the product and my eyebrows were hardly ever apart.

So to be graced with a beautiful box full of beautiful products to try, I was a giddy gal indeed.

A complete array of Anastasia products have launched on Feel Unique. From their coveted eyeshadow palettes to their cult glow kits that sent the beauty world into a frenzy.

But, let’s take it back to basics first and talk about what’s available in their eyebrow range.

I’ll start with the Dipbrow Pomade as it’s what I’m most familiar (& obsessed) with! The gel can be glided on with the assistance of an angled brush to create what the world still likes to call ‘fleeky brows’.

It’s super pigmented, so a light-hand is needed if you want to achieve natural looking brows, or if it’s a real natural look you’re after – the Brow Wiz could be a fantastic alternative.

The past few weeks I’ve opted for a lighter makeup look for the working week. Some days not even wearing lipstick (I KNOW. Who even am I?)

It’s really so I can have that extra 10 minutes snoozing away, but anyway…

I’ve been loving using a pencil to achieve something slightly more toned down and I am thrilled that the Brow Wiz has come into my makeup life. The teeny tiny nib helps for precise application and it blends away well with the spoolie end so that it’s not as harsh.

If neither of them are tickling your fancy, Anastasia also offer a Powder Duo that can help you achieve your desired brow whilst still looking natural, if again, your hand is light!

I am a huge lover of highlighting my brow bone. It is crazy how a simple sheen can lift the brow and make them look that little bit more put together.

I usually use my regular highlighter, or even an eyeshadow. Anastasia offers Single Eyeshadows of all beautiful shades, including shades like ‘Vermeer’ that can double up as a highlighter and is ideal for under the brow bone.

If using an eyeshadow don’t take your fancy, a Pencil Duo may be a little bit more suited to you. The pencils don’t drag the skin, they apply well pigmented and real smooth to create a dat glow.

(Reading this back ‘well’ and ‘real’ really is how I speak so I left them in – LOL)

Ok. That’s enough of the brows, let’s talk lips.

Anastasia Beverly Hills are well known for their coveted Liquid Lipsticks. & even though I am a huge lover-lover of liquid lipsticks in general, I’ve never tried their offering. (GASP. HORROR. SHOCK).

I’m gutted that I hadn’t tried these earlier if I’m honest. They are easy to apply, bloomin’ quick to dry (bonus) and wear well throughout the day with minimal top up needed. I’m eager to get my hands on some deep red shades of these for those fancy occasions.

I can imagine they’d be bloody gorge.

Although if you’re not into the liquid life – their Matte Lipsticks may be better suited to your lips. In a bullet, these photogenic beauts bring a matte colour to the lips but in a more comfortable manner.

& yes, the colour Rosewood is damn well perfect!

What are your favourite products from Anastasia Beverly Hills?

Megan. xo

*This post contains products that were sent for my consideration*