The Fork In The Road The Fork In The Road The Fork In The Road The Fork In The Road The Fork In The Road The Fork In The Road The Fork In The Road The Fork In The RoadThe Fork in the Road opened their doors in late 2016 in Middlesbrough. So why, oh why, have I left it so long to pay a little visit for a Sunday Roast?

There’s something special about The Fork in the Road. You see, it’s not your average restaurant, it’s actually a social enterprise.

If you’re not familiar what a social enterprise is (I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t a module on my Uni course!), it’s a business with a social, community focus more so than a profit one.

The Fork in the Road offers some of their employment to recovering addicts, ex-offenders and the long-term unemployed to help get them on their feet and give them a purpose again, learning new skills under the mentoring of professionals.

It’s a fantastic way to help those who need it whilst still being able to offer fantastic food, a stylish surrounding and a cosy vibe.


Anyway, as if I wasn’t sick enough of roasts after the festive season, myself and gal pal Carli booked ourselves into The Fork in the Road for one their Sunday Roasts.

I’d heard so much from my parents about how much they both loved them and is one of the ‘best they’ve had in Middlesbrough’. Now, you can’t argue with that now, can you? I wish everyone would tell me their favourite places for food so I can go to them all.

The love for food does continue in 2018 for sure.

Now today was an unusual day, as when a 3-course if offered to me, I can usually only stomach 2 and that didn’t change today. What did change was I opted for a starter instead of dessert (like usual). YES ME. MEGAN QUEEN OF BROWNIE OPTED FOR A STARTER.

New year, who dis?

With a medium glass of the house white to see me through, I selected the potato skins to start.

Now I know what you’re thinking; BORING. Yes, potato skins are a standard starter but none of the others tickled my pickle so there you have it.

What were they like? I can hear you asking from your laptop/tablet/mobile screen so eagerly. They were wonderful thank you very much. Lots of crispy bits and accompanied by a fabulous little pot of garlic mayo, can it be any better?

Within five or so minutes of clearing our starters, our roasts were delivered and they looked nothing short of delicious-0. They don’t leave you hanging about in here!

My eyes, of course, gravitated towards the mahoooosive Yorkshire Pudding that graced the top of the mound of food. Crispy in the right places and soft in the rest. Lifting it up uncovered the delicious beef cuts layered on top of creamy mashed potato, roast potatoes (Can you have enough potatoes? (NO)) carrots and parsnips.

All smothered in gravy.

More vegetables arrived on wooden slats, broccoli and cauliflower as well as cabbage with bacon. & obviously, more gravy – because there’s nothing worse than a Sunday Roast with little gravy!

So what did I think? The Fork in the Road know how to do a potato, whether it’s roasted, mashed or skins (does that make sense?) – they all taste delicious. The Yorkshire was the winner of everything and doused in gravy it was delish and the veg was brilliant – the only improvement would be turnip.

Turnip makes everything better.


(& maybe stuffing.)

The beef was great but slightly fatty which meant a lot of mine had to be trimmed off and pushed to the side but the bits I did have were tasty, tasty. However, with beef, I prefer having it legit melt in my mouth without a struggle but hey, that’s just me.

Could we fit in dessert?

I wish.

Maybe next time, eh?

Megan. xo