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Lifestyle | Life Lately #3 – I Finished University!

May 12, 2016

Megan Lillie Dissertation

Megan Lillie Dissertation

Megan Lillie Dissertation

Megan Lillie Dissertation

I can finally say I did it – I have finally finished my degree! As of today, I am a free woman, well, for now anyway! Wow, what a relief…

So today I hand in my last ever University assignment and I cannot even begin to describe the feeling to you. It’s a complete mixture of relief, happiness, excitement and sadness, an absolute whirlwind of emotions are being experienced right now! I have spent three years undertaking a Marketing degree so that I can pursue the career of my dreams and I just cannot believe that it’s all over. The joy of not having to write an assignment ever again is matched with the gloom of not being able to spend days having giggles in the library with some of my favourite people. It’s going to be a weird one that’s for sure!

But it’s done! It’s done and now I can sit, back and relax for a bit. I am looking forward to not stressing over a word count limit, or spending hours reading journal articles and just sitting and doing the things that I love most. I can’t wait to blog more, I have missed blogging, what I consider ‘properly’, for the longest time. I am excited to have photographing days and to wake up each morning and try a new piece of makeup and go on adventures to get cute shots and just ENJOY, enjoy my life again and enjoy blogging again instead of thinking it a bit of a chore between essays! 

In just over a fortnights time I’ll be jetting off to the paradise island of Bali with my other half to travel around for two weeks and it couldn’t come quick enough. It was quite a quick and spontaneous booking so I’m still trying to panic buy cheap and cheerful clothes to stuff in my backpack. Yes, that’s right, we’re doing it traveller style! You probably can’t imagine me with a rucksack but I actually travelled around Ecuador for a month a few years back – so I’m basically a pro (lol)! We’re going to be seeing 5 different parts of the island and I can’t wait to bask in the sun, go on mini adventures and have the time of our lives. 

Shortly after I come back I’ll be starting a new job! That’s right! I’m very lucky to have found myself a Social Media and Marketing Graduate job with the fabulous company that is Punky Pins! I cannot wait for this new venture and I’m so excited to see what it will bring! I’m super upset that I have to leave my current part time job at The Olde Young Tea House because those girls are just my soul sisters, but I gotta fly the nest someday! 

So that’s just a little update of what’s been going on lately. I absolutely loved writing this post, I’ve had a smile from ear to ear (which is bizarre because my car window just shattered to pieces whilst I was driving – lol). But consider me back on track with this lil ol’ blog, thanks for sticking around <3

Megan. xo

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