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Beauty | The New Illamasqua Glow Getters

November 6, 2017

Illamasqua Glow Getters Illamasqua Glow Getters Illamasqua Glow Getters Illamasqua Glow GettersI’m honestly obsessed with Illamasqua, so I knew I had to get the new Illamsqua Glow Getters they had released.

Cos you all know I’m about dat glow. & when Illamasqua do glow getters, they do glow getters.

I first really fell in love with Illamasqua two years ago, when a trip to Liverpool dragged me into their store for the first time and winded up with me walking away with my purse £80 lighter.

I walked away with their Radiance Veil primer, Skin Base Foundation and Skin Base Lift Concealer & boy, was it love upon first application.

Fast forward a few years and there are a couple more products in my Illamasqua makeup wardrobe, with a plan to keep on adding ’til I’m content. When will that be? Who knows!

There’s just something about this brand that’s so magical. & they deliver quality.

It’d been some time since I’d last purchased a couple of bits and bobs from Illamasqua and I was desperate for some new products and in their ‘New In’ section, I spied some right Illamasqua Glow Getters.

I call these type of products Glow Getters because they do exactly that, they give you a glow. Whether it is a ‘lit from within’ look or a ‘POW LOOK AT MY BADASS HIGHLIGHT YO’ look. I’m all about it.

& you bet I will go for both, and I did.

Now I already own two of the fantastic Veil primers. The Radiance Veil; A pure illuminator that creates a dewy base underneath foundation that shines through, but doesn’t make you shiny. As well as the Hydra Veil; a gel consistency that gives you a boost of hydration that lasts all day long.

So when I saw that Illamasqua ever-so-geniusly combined the two to create the Beyond Veil (£34) my heart started beating just like it had seen a little puppy.

It’s still a really lightweight formula, a gel that is cooling on the skin and rehydrates the skin in prep for your base. Yet it still has the levels of illumination to give a glow from underneath. It’s not glittery, shiny or shimmery – just pure glow.

I had also seen the Beyond Power in Deity (£34) a few weeks ago and was trying to resist. Yet, the little money stealing devil on my shoulder talked me into it.

It’s a completely unique shade which I really struggled to photograph as it’s so multi-dimensional. The baked highlighter is a gold-green shade that transforms from angle to angle. It’s so fine that there are no chunks and of shimmer and can be easily blended for the desired effect.

I’m legit obsessed with both of these Illamasqua Glow Getters.

Are you a fan of Illamasqua, what products would you recommend?

Megan. xo