Oh man, I loves me some contouring! I can’t get the hack of cream contouring so I much prefer to use a powder form to get those chiselled cheekbones. Here’s a budget palette that I’ve been trying out…

I have tried a few makeup products from Crownbrush before and have been 50/50, some are really great and some, not so much. When this Pressed Powder Contour Palette (£16.99) came through the door, I literally squealed as my Grandma was baffled on how I needed 10 different shades for my face. As far as contouring palettes go, I have only ever used duo products with one bronze and one highlight. So I was super excited to see that I had 5 times as many shades to play about with. 

The shades are mostly matte, with one shimmer and they range from some highlighting tones, to a lot of cool and warm bronzes to create shadow and depth. I have particularly been loving the yellow-toned shade as it’s something that I haven’t used before. It is perfect at setting any under eye concealer and brightening up that area so that it stands out more. The palest shade is also great for tidying up any ‘messy’ bronzing mistakes and for creating a ‘cleaner’ line. The darker shades have a mixture of warm tones for an all over general bronze and cools tones to create shadows, which is essentially what contouring is all about. The shades are beautifully pigmented, enough to show up on the skin, but not too harsh to make your face look a bit over the top.

I have found that my Nanshy Brushes have been perfect for achieving my contour look. The Blush brush is rounded enough to fit in the hollows of your cheeks and to and not too wide to make a complete mess. I have also found a new love for the Stippling brush to make sure that everything is blended together with no harsh lines anywhere. I feel that this completely changes the look and makes everything look that little bit more flawless.

What are your thoughts on contouring kits? Would you rather pay half the price for this beauty with more shades than your usual? Crown brush have hit this nail on the head! Let me know in the thoughts below, thanks for reading!

Megan. xo

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