Well, that’s a bit of news isn’t it! I have scoured my brain for an answer and I just don’t get it, how have I wrote this thing for three years? I have never stuck to a hobby before!

Three years ago to this very day, after reading blogs and watching YouTube videos for what seemed like forever, I took the plunge and wrote my very first blog post here on Thumbelina Lillie. It’s actually still live, alas quite embarrassing, and you can read that here. Looking back now, I could not be more thankful to myself (yes, I’m thanking myself) that I bit the bullet and did it. Blogging has become part of my livelihood and is something that I still thoroughly enjoy doing and put 110% of my heart into. It brings me so much joy and I finally feel like I’m beginning to find out who I am as a person and a creator…

I’m not going to lie, in the beginning it wasn’t easy. People laughed in my face, made comments behind my back and thought that it was just a ‘phase’ that I was going through. Was three years of this a ‘phase’? I think not. I used to take a lot of that stuff to heart, so again, I’m thankful to myself for sticking at it and working past the negativity. I have had some ridiculous opportunities that still, to this day, I can’t believe that I have taken part in. From collaborating with incredible brands, attending a worldwide premiere, going to launch parties with celebrities and bloggers, travelling around the UK and to be honest, getting to do what I love best. Create. Write. 

It wouldn’t of all happened however, if it wasn’t for you. That’s right, you sat there on your laptop, or travelling to or from work, mobile phone in hand. Without your support of my little space here on the inter-webs, none of that would have happened. Although I write this blog for myself and for my sense of enjoyment (and sanity), I write for you too. Without readers, where would I be? I owe you so, so much, and if I could send you all a personalised letter, thanking you from the bottom of my heart, I totally would. I’m hoping that these words will be enough but I can’t quite put into text how much I appreciate the readers of Thumbelina Lillie. Here, have a virtual hug and feel alllllll the loves.  

What’s next? To be honest, I don’t know. I never do. I’m just gonna try and keep producing kick-ass blog posts and create until my heart’s content. Maybe I’ll find my place on Youtube, maybe I won’t. I’m all for leaving things to happen when they happen, as they are supposed to happen. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I love you all lots! 

Megan. xo

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