As soon as Carli led me into Kingly Court for some drinks whilst we were visiting London, I fell in love straight away. Lemme show you two really cool places we stopped at for a cocktail or two…

The rectangular shaped court has 3 levels of restaurants, bars and even a yoga getaway! All looking in on each other onto the outside seating decorated with greenery and fairy lights. Our first port-of-call was The Rum Kitchen and we were ideally seated at the window so we could watch the world go by right before our very eyes. I also spotted bloggers Amy Valentine and Kayla Hadlington whilst sat there too! 

The menu was pages and pages full of cocktails, from your classic Cosmopolitan and Margaritas, to cocktails of concoctions I had never heard of before! I opted for a Sorrelade to start with, which was fruity yet had a kick of some kind of spirit or other. I then asked if they could make me a cocktail with Midori in (it’s my favourite) and they kindly kicked one up for me which tasted absolutely fantastic. Top service all around! The staff were very welcoming and friendly and had a large knowledge of all the cocktails they had to offer.

We then popped downstairs to Cahoots, a kind of secret speak-easy style vintage bar themed around the Underground of London in the 40’s. The entire place’s attention to detail is terrific, from the decor, to the menu, to the music and the highlight of place are definitely the staff. Dressed all in 40’s clobber, they speak as if from that time and address you brilliantly. When my cousin asked for the toilet, they answered that there was a bucket out the back & when asked if the had wifi, they acted all confused – absolutely brilliant! 

The cocktails here were absolutely delicious, I opted for something which was kind of like an Amaretto Sour, another one of my favourites! The menu is displayed on a newspaper and houses at least 40 different options to choose from. Apparently we were really lucky to get a table as it can get quite busy (for the right reasons!), so if you are interested in this place, I’d definitely book up or get in the queue first! 

So there you have it, two great places for drinks if you are around the Carnaby Street area. May I add that food in both places smelt and looked delicious! Let me know if you have ever been to any of these places or if you’d be interesting in visiting either of them! Also, let me know your FAVOURITE cocktail! 

Megan. xo

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