Stepping through the doors of the new, three-story Lush on Oxford Street, my eyes widened and heart beat quickened. I literally could not take it all in and felt like I was in bathing heaven…

We decided to start at the top and work our way down so our first port-of-call were all the bath bombs. Heaveeeeeeennn! I was a little overwhelmed at all that was on offer and didn’t really know where to start. To the right, was a huge station dedicated to their FUN product, where people could build mini sculptures. I know it’s not an exclusive product, but I had to pick up some of the Pink FUN (£5.00) as anything sweet scented just gets me. After picking up some bath bombs to thank the people we stayed with whilst in London, I spied the Frozen (£3.95) bath bomb and popped it straight in my basket. Shimmery and inspired by a fantastic film, yes please!

Before popping downstairs I spied some bottles of The Comforter Shower Cream (£9.50) and knew a bottle just had to be mine. The bubble bar is one of my favourite products in the entire range so when I discovered that they were bringing out this I was sold already. It makes your body bright pink before you wash it off, perfect for making shower time extra girly. Next is something I’m super excited about using, and even more so that it’s for a good cause. Dirty Deal (£12.50) is a shower powder where all the profits go to European grassroot groups fighting TTIP, which are democratic trade negotiations made in secret. I love something that goes towards a good cause! Find out more here. Finally, after two beautiful hand & arm massages by Kat and Lucas, I decided to pick up a massage bar, Each Peach (£5.95). It is a sweet-citrus scent and makes your skin feel absolutely divine. Definitely going to bribe my boyfriend into a back massage sometime…

I really could have bought so much more but including presents for people it came to around £50, boy does it add up quick! Let me know if you have been to the new flagship store and what your thoughts on it are. What are your ultimate favourite Lush product?

Megan. xo

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