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Advertising | Meet My September ’15 Advertisers!

September 30, 2015

Hi! I’m Sophie and I run I started this blog after having somewhat of an epiphany; I’m obsessed with beauty, love baking and coming up with recipes, and had a burning desire to write openly about mental health…so why not combine them all in a blog?! While I predominantly write about all things beauty, I enjoy discussing issues affecting the blogosphere, tackling those niggling problems that others may not dare speak about, and most of all, hearing what everyone else has to say about them. Openly talking about mental health has become a huge passion of mine. Through sharing my experiences of trichotillomania (a hair-pulling disorder) and giving make-up advice on how to cover-up baldness, I hope to raise awareness, end social stigma and inspire confidence in other sufferers. I hope you enjoy having a browse!
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My name’s Caroline Elvin & I’m an author based in Kent. I’ve had a passion for writing all my life, and that, mixed with the interest in beauty, fashion and travel encouraged me to start my blog. My aim is to provide inspiration and ideas for likeminded women. I interview motivational women monthly and spend a lot of time curating and researching content my audience will appreciate. Follow my blog for ideas, tips and inspiration about everything from food and fitness to homeware! 

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Oh hey there! Let’s keep this short and sweet, eh? I’m Lauren, a 22 year old Project Manager by day and makeup loving, beauty buff by night who loves nothing more than slapping on the war paint and taking on the world – lovely to meet you! Beauty On Crackers is your one stop shop for all things beauty with a little sprinkling of lifestyle chat thrown in the mix for good measure. Expect product reviews, the scoop on my beauty and skincare loves, blogging tips and more. Stay tuned for my upcoming acne series and join me on my accutane journey! It’ll be a blast, promise ;-). Oh, and sometimes it gets a little deep – but we’re all friends, right? Drop by sometime and leave me your blog links, I’m always looking for some new reads… Oh, and don’t forget to let me know that Megan sent ya! Till next time!

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Little Boots is a creative outlet which is meant to inspire aspiring writers while providing tips and advice. I’m a side hustling freelance writer who dreams about inspiring others with words and writing her own stories while still falling into other people’s worlds. I want to help others learn what I had to find out the hard way. I’m Rhianne and I love to read and write, my blog was born after I found I had lots of spare time and rekindled my love for writing again. Since then I have rebranded, narrowed down my niche and started thinking up new ideas, as well as writing a novel. Feel free to drop by!

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My other very gorgeous advertisers in September have been Dungarees and DonutsJadie SpillettThe Beautiful Bluebird and Skulls and Kisses, make sure you go head over and give them a read too! If you’d like to advertise me in any further months, you can find out all information, statistics and prices here.

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