There is nothing like a super-quick and easy skincare routine to start the day off and this little trio I have been using are uplifting like nothing else. These are ideal for a Monday morning…

After stumbling to the bathroom & turning the hot water tap on, I’ll reach into my skincare drawers and grab my cleansing pot of Lush’s Let The Good Times Roll (£6.75). This on scent alone is enough to make me feel ready for the morning as it smells of caramel and popcorn, making me feel ready for something sweet and delicious. When mixed with a drop of water, it forms to a paste which is ever-so-slightly gritty as to gently exfoliate whilst getting the blood pumping to the skin to give you a natural glow.  The product leaves your skin feeling soft to the touch and smelling all yummy, ideal for a morning-wake-up. 

I’ll then follow with two sprays, which still seems rather odd to me but works wonders on my skin. I’ll first use the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water (£7.95) to calm down any irritation or sensitivity. This also works well at fighting against blemishes or any other imperfections due to it’s antibacterial properties and tea tree extracts. I think this is my third or so bottle of this stuff and I always seem to go back to it again and again. I will then finish with the Pixi Glow Mist (£16) which is new to my collection, but still brilliant. Infused with Argan Oil, the spray is cooling when you apply it so much so that you feel even more refreshed. It has multiple purposes but I use it to hydrate the skin and bring even more glow, cos I luv dat glow.

So they are my perfect little trio for waking up me and my skin on a morning. Let me know in the comments below which products you use on a morning and whether you have used any of these three. Thank you so much for reading! 

Megan. xo

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