Being sat in a pub in-between University lectures I did not expect to receive such an exciting message. The next morning I was heading to London to walk the red carpet at a film premiere…

So the lovely ladies at New Look (Hey Poppy & Sarah!) invited me down to be dressed by them and then walk the red carpet at the Insurgent premiere earlier this month. My jaw literally dropped to the ground as things like this don’t happen to a 5 foot gal from the North East. I hadn’t seen Divergent at this point so I invited my other half over to indulge in the first of the films so I knew what to expect and could follow the story. I honestly loved it, which made me so excited to be one of the first people in the world (Yup, it was a world premiere) to see it on the big screen. So I headed down to the flagship New Look store and picked out this little number, all of which came under £100 – accessories included!


To see the stars (including the host, vlogger Jim Chapman) only metres away from us was just crazy. Theo James is a mega hunk ladies. Meg-a. The whole vibe of the premiere was just insane and I felt so grateful to be there amongst a lot of famous faces, including lots of Gleam YouTubers. I feel like red-carpet doesn’t always have to be the poshest frock you can find, there are some great alternatives on the high-street. It’s all about how you wear it, for example, I decided to wear the coat on my shoulders, which adds a whole new chic vibe to the outfit. 

A huge thank you again (I can’t say it enough!) to the people at New Look for inviting me, it’s definitely going to be an experience I’ll treasure forever. Let me know your thoughts on my outfit and if you’ve seen the new Insurgent film! Talk about action! Thanks for reading.

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