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Beauty | The Beauty Things I Suck At

September 12, 2015

We all know that everyone can’t be good at everything. When it comes to beauty, I’m a dab hand at applying eyeliner & I’m good with removing my makeup. However, there are certain stuff where I just suck…

Nail care | It’s not that I’m rubbish at applying nail varnish or anything like that, it’s just that I rarely get a chance to! Working in a Tea House means that I’m often washing up which means that nail varnish chips so easily. I really should just wear some clear strengthening varnish to harden my nails & remember to keep on filing them…

Applying False Eyelashes | I just CANNOT get the hang of this. It must take me about five or six tries of applying before I can get them onto my lid/lashes in the most appropriate place. Even then, the little insides always end up flicking up! I’ll just have to stick to individuals!

Fake Tanning | I completely have to draw the line at gradual tanner because of past mistakes of streaky legs, orange elbows, flaking patches and ahem, orange bedsheets. I envy girls who can fake tan wonderfully and get away with it but nope, it’s just not for me I guess!

Using Heat Protectant | Over the past couple of months I don’t use that much heat in my hair. I often leave my hair to air dry and only use curlers around once a week now. However, when I do use heat, I without a doubt forget to use some sort of heat protectant. I’ll have to introduce this into my routine to better my hair to see if I notice a difference. 

Getting my ‘Beauty’ Sleep | As of recent my sleeping pattern that was once quite regular is just all over the place. I can’t sleep until well after midnight, I wake up randomly throughout the night & my body likes to wake up entirely at 7am with no chance of falling back to sleep. Any sleeping tips will be greatly welcomed!

So those are the beauty things that I am definitely not-so-great at. Let me know in the comments what things you don’t excel at so well, I would love to know if any of yours are similar to mine! Thanks for reading! 

Megan. xo

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