Like I mentioned here, being off University for the summer has allowed me to pick up some more books that aren’t Marketing journals for once. Here are some that I’ve picked up recently…

My favourite place to purchase books for a decent price is Amazon. As much as I love browsing the isles of Waterstones, their prices just do not come close to those on Amazon, where you can get the exact same books for a third of the price. One particular night I had a kind of spontaneous moment whilst browsing the Top 100 Books on Amazon and decided to purchase five books – I also asked on Twitter for recommendations of your ultimate favourite books also! All of these came to just over £30, which is a bit of a bargain in my eyes…

The first one is a classic, and rather appropriate due to the new book release, but it is To Kill A Mockingbird (£3.85). I can’t quite believe that I have not read this book as it seems that everyone has but me! I then opted for two books that I have seen the names of creeping up everywhere, Lolita  (£6.79) and The Perks of Being a Wallflower (£5.59). I have began reading Lolita first and am currently unsure of what to think so far, 50 pages in. But alas, I will wait until I read it all to give my final verdict! The last two books were based on random recommendations – because you never really know if you are going to enjoy a book until you read it now, do you? The first being I’ll Give You The Sun (£3.85), which is supposedly along the lines of John Green’s books – which I enjoy! Finally we have Leave Your Mark (£9.79) which is completely different to all of the other books. It’s almost a biography-come-sassy-kick-ass-at-your-job-and-life book. & I like that shizz.

So those are the books that I have picked up to read over the next coming months. Do you spy any of your favourites? I would love for your to leave your ultimate favourite books in the comments below – for future purchases! Thanks for reading!

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