I recently made some Mini Business Cards on Moo.com and it got me thinking why I’d left it so long to do so. Here’s five reasons why business cards are awesome and why you shouldn’t have waited as long as I have.

1. People Will Ask | I have had my blog for two and a half years now (what?!), and I have been to numerous events and met multiple people who have asked for a business card and I have kinda just been like, ‘erm?’. It has always made me feel so unprepared and I have gave myself many a slap on the wrist. Especially when it comes to blogging events it is crucial to network your bottom off and try and build relationships with as many people as possible. Often in this situation you’ll need to give them your information to keep in touch – a business card is perfect for this! If you find yourself in a conversation about your blog with someone, perhaps a shop assistant, it is a great way to get a new reader onboard too.

2. Spontaneous Opportunities | Developing on from the previous point, you never know when something may pop up where someone would like to get in touch with you. It honestly can happen at any point and it is best to be ready when it does. Opportunities can arise out of the most smallest occurrence and it is a great way to show how eager you are. (Without shoving it in their face, obviously) 

3. All In One Place | ‘What’s your blog?’ ‘What’s your email address?’ ‘Can I find you on Twitter?’ ‘Do you have Instagram?’. No need for questions upon questions about your social media – you can put all the information you want on your cards. This makes it ten times easier for the person who wants to get in touch with you as you won’t know exactly which platform they wish to reach you on. It also is great for getting new people following you on all your different channels. If I knew I was coming back to YouTube when I made these, that would be on there too!

4. Being Professional | Business cards are one way to make you look and act the part. It shows how serious you are about your blogging work and can also show that you are keen to collaborate with other people and businesses. It is one way of saying, ‘Hey. This is real stuff’, and making others aware that you are more than a blog, but a business too. This can be particularly helpful when there are brands at events. Remember to add a LinkedIn profile too – businesses LOVE LinkedIn.  

5. They Can Be Fun! | Finally, it doesn’t all need to be business orientated! These kinda cards can just be a fun addition to your purse and can be a brilliant conversation starter! The process that you go through can be great fun if you are a creative person as you have another opportunity to express who you are through the means of design. There are so many designs that you can choose from, or even better, you can create your own!

So there’s five reasons why business cards can be awesome for you and your blog. What are your thoughts? Have you ever been caught out in a situation where someone has asked for a card and you don’t have one? Are you gonna head off now and create your own? Let me know in the comments below, thanks for reading! 

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