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Beauty | Can A Mascara Really Be Better Than Sex?

July 26, 2015

Obviously a product with a name like ‘Better Than Sex’ is going to turn a few heads and catch a few eyes. Everyone seems to love it, but is it really as good as everyone says it is?

I am not going to lie, I have lusted after this mascara for a long time; Hearing everyone rave about how amazing it made their eyelashes look just made me want it more and more and now, it is finally mine! (cue evil cackle or something or other). Much like the ever-loved Benefit’s They’re Real, the packaging is packed with figures and stats describing just how fabulous it is, but c’mon, always take that with a pinch of salt.

My first impressions were somewhat different to what I had hoped for. First off, the actual mascara is about three times heavier than your usual. The metal casing is really pretty and pink, but pretty friggin’ heavy. In regards to the wand, it is an unusual shape and rather on the large side, which when applying the product I found caused my to get mascara all around my eye area. I didn’t see any noticeable improvements from using my regular favourite mascaras, so my opinion was a bit ‘meh’. However, after people’s recommendations of letting it dry out, I kept on persevering with it and could begin to tell a different a week or so down the line.

I find that the best way to work with this mascara is slowly, starting right at the root and wiggling it way up to the tip of the lash. This way you not only get additional length, but amazing volume and the curl to match. Although I don’t think it’s the ‘most amazing mascara I’ve ever tried in my friggin’ life’, it is quite alright in a lot of departments. I’ll keep it in my stash and use it regularly and see how it improves as it dries out even more so – however, at the price tag for what it actually does, I’m not sure it is worth of repurchasing status.

Let me know in the comments below whether you have tried this mascara and which side are you on? Do you love it? Or do you hate it? What do you think of the name also, I would love to know your thoughts! Thanks for reading.

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