Hello everyone! I’m Holly, I’m 17 and I have a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I tend to blog predominately about fashion and person style but dabble in a bit of everything. My style is very monochrome and minimalist so if you’re into that kindaa thing definitely hit me up. Scandinavian style is right up my street and I love talking about interior design too. I’ve been blogging for just over a year and also have a YouTube channel at: www.youtube.com/c/HollyWhitee – I love doing both of them so so much and they are my little dream and I hope that they can hopefully interest you guys. I’m also a complete an utter Instagram addict and adore photography, I’m always posting photos and sneak peeks over on my account. I often post at least 5 times a week on my blog and I’m always looking for your guy’s input and what you have to say. Feel free to follow me on my social media and message me any time for a chit chat! I hope to see you over on my little ol’ blog v v soon! 

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Hi there guys! I’m Anastasia and I blog over at Dainty Desires, a UK based blog that concentrates on fashion, beauty and lifestyle! Dainty Desires was born in 2012 when I was finishing my second year of a English degree and all I wanted to blog about books and beauty. Well, I still do blog about books and beauty but my niche has now expanded to fit in lifestyle, travel and fashion. Blogging is a lovely thing that tells you about someones life and your blog will change as you do, so if you fancy a read that incorporates a bit of everything, click on over and say hi! 

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Hi everyone! My name’s Zandra and I’m an air hostess, fashion blogger and self confessed dizzy blonde from up North! My blog AZTEC DOLL is a personal style diary with some beauty and lifestyle posts chucked in for good measure! I love to travel, shop and eat (burgers mainly) . . . oh, and my fave social media is good old instagram! Clothes-wise my style is forever changing, I’m always up for trying the latest trends no matter how ridiculous, I’m sure my friends would say I’m guilty of more than a few cringe fashion moments in the past (actual bra over a rock tee, anyone?!) but oh well, I just try and werk it! At the moment you’ll see me sporting anything white, nudey beige lips and novelty socks. If you love Topshop, luxury skincare and Charlotte Tilbury as much as me then come on over! 

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Hello! I’m Katrina, I’m 19 and I’m from Birmingham. I am obsessed with penguins, pretty nails and beautiful bags. I tend to blog about a little bit of everything, but my favourite posts to write are fashion and personal style. Currently you can find a lot of beauty reviews up on my site; I’ve been trying out a lot of new products recently! I put a new post up every Monday and Thursday; occasionally they’ll be a bonus post when I have a little bit more to say. Feel free to say hello – it’s always nice to meet new bloggers!
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