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LUSH Week | A Blogger’s Happy Hour Party

February 22, 2016

LUSH Happy Hour Party

LUSH member of staff apron

LUSH Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

LUSH Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

LUSH Passion Fruit Lip Balm

LUSH Knot Wrap

LUSH is a place of happiness. It’s a place for spreading joy and feeling good about you. When my local store invited me to a blogger’s Happy Hour Party, I was excited to see what it would entail.

Myself and Gianni rocked up a little bit early so that we could make some little purchases before the event began – more of what I picked up later this week! LUSH in Middlesbrough always has a relaxed vibe, like most places in town, the members of staff are super friendly and insightful which is great for the store, but not so much for my purse!

So the Happy Hour parties are ideal for any group of friends or members of the family to attend to learn about the wonderful world of LUSH. The events last for an hour to an hour and half and are £15 per person, however £5 of that is redeemable against any products that you may wish to buy – bonus! Each party is tailored to each set of individuals and provide a mixture of games, competitions and your very own personal shopping experience.

We started with an ice-breaker, throwing a jelly around (or at least trying to!) and introducing ourselves by telling an interesting fact. We then delved into some games, first off getting blindfolded and having to apply lipsticks to ourselves – so much more difficult than you would think! Afterwards, each blogger was given one of their beautiful Knot Wraps and was told to pick two products each and wrap them up in an interesting, cool way. I was absolutely terrible at this – no surprise as I’m rubbish at wrapping presents! The winner won some Rainbow Fun and I was SO jealous – I love those things!

We were then all gathered around a big giant bowl and told that we were going to make one of my favourite products – Creamy Candy Bubble Bar! I’ve made a bubble bar before and it really is so much fun getting your hands all messy! All six of us were equipped with a set of gloves and got mixing away all the ingredients before shaping it how we wished – obviously I felt a love heart was appropriate for me! 

After all the fun, we then were introduced to the fantastic Easter Range! But hey, that’s to come in another post…

Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in heading to a Happy Hour Party at your local store – you should definitely get in touch with them! They are SO much fun! What’s your favourite LUSH product?

Megan. xo

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