Ooh, what’s this? A new feature on Thumbelina Lillie? Yep, you got that right. Some of my favourite posts to read are those that delve a little bit more into the life of the blogger behind the blog, and that’s exactly what I’ve wanted to incorporate more of here on my little space. So here’s to the first installment of my monthly round up…

Life | June was my first month free of University and it felt so good to be able to relax instead of having 6 day weeks balancing both work and university. Right at the beginning of the month I sat down and managed to schedule a whole month worth of posts, which felt amazing; I’ve never been more organised before. On the 10th it had been a year since I started my job at Pretty Twisted and I’m so happy to work in a place as brilliant as it is; nothing’s better than enjoying your job, right? The main thing that happened this month is that I went on my first holiday to Tenerife with my boyfriend of 5 and a half years (what?!). I’m actually on holiday as this post goes live so be prepared for a whole bunch of tanned outfit posts coming your way…

Blog | As mentioned, I managed to schedule the whole month right at the start of June – some of these which are my favourite posts yet. I spoke about my latest beauty splurge, my MAC Warm Neutrals Palette, which I still fall in love with over and over again every time I look at it. I filmed an Everyday Skincare Routine to let ya’ll know about what I grace my face with to try make it look somewhat acceptable without make-up. But the most exciting thing this month was that I was invited to the launch of Lauren Pope’s new summer collection with InTheStyle; I actually wasn’t going to go but thanks to my amazing grandparents, I ventured down to London and had a bloody swell time (more on that event soon!). 

I’m just kinda testing the waters with this post, as I want to include a little bit more personal things here and there, so let me know if this is something you’d be interested in reading each month! Let me know what happened to you in the month of June! 

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