Ever since my brother bought Netflix (Cheers Joe!), it has meant that I have become even more of a hermit watching episodes on episodes which doesn’t help when it comes to Uni work. Here’s a couple of things I have been watching recently…

American Horror Story | First things first, I can now completely understand everyones obsession with Evan Peters. There is something about him playing disturbed characters mixed with his geeky persona that makes him bloomin’ gorgeous to watch on screen. Nevertheless, I have became obsessed with everything to do with AHS to the point where I don’t really want it to end. I love the storylines and how the characters develop and link together in each series. I was a bit confused about actors playing different characters throughout the show but I’m not complaining about seeing Evan Peters and Jessica Lange all the time. If you like creepy horror such as ghosts, witches etc and exciting storylines that have constant twist and turns, AHS is for you. Oh, and Lady Gaga is going to be in Series 5. AMAZING.

Gossip Girl | I felt like I was lacking some girly series as I am a firm lover of shows like Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead so I felt like I needed some fashion/gossip/drama infused show to watch. I took to Twitter and had about 25 replies telling me to watch the famous Gossip Girl. I’m onto Season 3 already and have genuinely had binge watching days where I have watched 8-10 episodes which made me feel so unproductive but all of the episodes leave me wanting more as they are just filled with drama! Even though GG is old in terms of series now, I think it’s kind of timeless and will certainly hook people instantly.

Saved By The Bell | It looks like I haven’t been watching any new series recently doesn’t it? Ha! Saved By The Bell has been on Vevo as of recent and I am loving it just as much now as I did back in the 90’s. Despite its uber cheesy lines and cringe-worthy acting, there’s something nostalgic about it which brings back great memories. I would be lying if I said I didn’t let out a little giggle here and then too and I am TOTALLY fashion-crushing over Kelly Kapowski…

So they are a few things that I have been watching recently. Let me know in the comments whether you have watched any of those series or maybe you want to start one? Thanks for reading!

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