Vintage always tears people in two – you either love it or you hate it. I for one, have always loved it and as of recent I have fallen back in love with my old ways…

A few years back I was a huge vintage-fan. I would constantly scour my local vintage and charity shops to try find one-off and unique pieces so that I wouldn’t have an awkward encounter with someone dressed in the same Topshop ensemble in the street. I love how vintage pieces can become conversation starters and make a statement about your personal style. I strayed away from my obsession for a while but I am, of recent, getting back into shopping for pretty garments and I started with buying this number from Beyond Retro

I unfortunately can’t link you to the dress because, obviously, vintage is vintage and they don’t come in the bulk of hundreds in the 2010’s. I sometimes struggle buying vintage because I can’t find pieces to fit properly but you have to kind of roll with the punches and try a few things on before you find something that fits right. I love everything about this piece, from the button down skirt to the trim on the neckline, its flattering without being too restricting also. I always try to wash vintage clothing a couple of times before I wear them too as the smell is well, old. 

I am so excited to hop back on the vintage train and pick up some more vintage clothes, I’m sure I’ll keep you updated over on Instagram on my finds. Let me know in the comments whether you like shopping vintage and what you think about this particular piece – thanks for reading!

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