Lauren Brit Loves, Meg Says and Zoe Newlove

2015 seen a downsize of my YouTube subscription feed. I de-cluttered my box so that I could watch attentively, and interact more with some of my favourite vloggers. So today I give you, three vloggers to watch…

Britton Loves |  I met Lauren at the Bloggers Blog Awards last October and she is an absolute sweetheart. Since then I became obsessed with her fabulous blog, and more recently, her YouTube channel. I just feel her, yano. I get her. She doesn’t try to be anybody else and is completely comfortable being her and I admire that so much. She has recently done ’12 Days of Vlogs’ and I couldn’t stop watching. She has such a warm heart and I would love to squeeze her endlessly. Promise this isn’t a love letter… 

Watch – Updated Room Tour | Moving House Vlog | Best of Beauty 2015 

Meg Says | A bubbly bloody beaut is this one. Meg is definitely taking the YouTube world by storm and I see huge things ahead for her this year. She is just so likeable and relatable. Her channel is a mixture of cute vlogs (One Direction, yaaaas), thought-provoking videos and the odd beauty treat. She hit 30K subscribers a month or two ago and she could not deserve it more. If you want to just grab a cuppa and watch someone that’s adorable and a total babe – Meg is the one.

Watch – 5 New Years Resolutions | Two Go-To Autumn Makeup Looks

Zoe Newlove | Zoe has been one of my favourite bloggers for quite some time now. I’m forever going googly eyed at her amazing photography and jealous of her beautiful makeup skills, so when she began YouTube I was all giddy! With an incredible talent for make-up application and a beautiful face to put it all on to – I love watching Zoe’s videos and really hopes she makes more this year as I’d imagine a lot more people will love them! 

Watch – A Simple Festive Makeup Tutorial | Travel Diaries 

Three ladies that I imagine will shine this year in the YouTube community if they continue to make their videos. Let me know in the comments if you subscribe (or are about to!) to these sweets, let’s share some love guys! Thanks for reading…

Megan. xo

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