Hello! *waving emoji* I’m Rhianna, I’m a 21 year old Product Design student, life enthusiast and pro tea drinker from up north in Leeds. I started robowecop.com as a hobby to keep me sane during a work placement year (and now my final year of University) and have since fallen in love with blogging. It is actually turning 1 at the end of April. On my blog you’ll find everything from beauty reviews to healthy recipes, mental health posts to life tips and makeup tutorials to personal updates. I don’t have a strict posting schedule but tend to post around 4 times a week. I also have a YouTube channel, which I’m going to be posting on again now I’ve finished my dissertation! I’d love to make some more blogging friends so come on down and let’s have a party!

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Hi! We are Lauren and Gabriella Cooper the sisters behind jewellery brand Arrow and Lustre. We sell handmade jewellery with ethnic influences. We get inspiration for our jewellery travelling around the world and visiting our holiday home in Turkey. If you are visiting us from this blog please use the code THUMBELINALILLIE20 to get an exclusive 20% off discount on all stock. Enjoy!

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Aloha all you lovely people! My name is Brenda – I’m a thirty years young and you can find me over at Brenda BusyBee. I blog mainly about beauty but there is occasionally lifestyle and fashion thrown in for good measure. I started Brenda BusyBee because I felt I needed a creative outlet to express myself and share my loves. I wanted to tell people about products that I was discovering and my experience with it and thus Brenda BusyBee was born! Plus, you get to meet so many wonderful people that you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to met so come on over and introduce yourself!

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My other very gorgeous advertiser in March has been Dungarees and Donuts, make sure you go head over and give them a read too! If you’d like to advertise me in any further months, you can find out all information, statistics and prices here.

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