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NE Blogger Spotlight #1 | Lucy from Dinosaur Dances

March 14, 2015

After getting such a great reaction to my Meet The NE Bloggers post, I decided to spotlight some of the bloggers featured so here’s number one. Everyone meet, Lucy from Dinosaur Dances!

1. Hey Lucy! How long have you been blogging for & how did you originally come across the whole blogger-sphere? 

I’ve been blogging for 2 years now! I came across blogging as my cousin had posted a link to LLYMLRS on facebook, so I had a little nosey and absolutely loved it!

2. Who are your main inspirations when it comes to blogging? Let us know your favourites!

I have so many blogging inspirations that I couldn’t list them all! But some of my absolute favourites are Ghost Parties, Wish Wish Wish, Thumbelina Lillie, What Olivia Did and The Lovecats Inc!

3. What genre do you love writing about most and why?

I’d say my favourite bit about blogging is actually photography and I love taking pictures for every genre of posts! However beauty is definitely my passion and I could write about it all day!

4. If you could showcase one of your posts that you are particularly proud of, which would it be and why?

That’s a very tricky question! If I had to choose I’d say my review of the Makeup Revolution Wow Sticks! I’m really proud of the photography and it’s actually my most viewed post of all time!

5. What’s been some of the highlights of your blogging experience?

Blogging has brought so many amazing experiences! I particularly love attending events and being able to meet other bloggers that I can now call friends!

6. Where you do you see your blog going in the future? What’s in store for Dinosaur Dances?

I’d love to just keep getting better, I’m always trying to improve and develop! So hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of Dinosaur Dances!

7. Finally, let us know your top three beauty products. Give us something to add to our wishlist!

Top 3 products have to be the Lorac Pro Palette, Soap & Glory Solar Powder and the Illamasqua Brow Gel in Strike!

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