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YAYER is the UK’s answer to the likes of Nasty Gal and MissKL. If you haven’t checked out this new site already you NEED to, it’s like, amazing, like, seriously. Their unique yet simple clothes are literally, to die for. I have recently yet to buy from the site due to saving up for Christmas presents, *sigh* so I decided to make a wishlist of my top 5 items I would love to own. Just a quick note, I am in no way, shape or form getting any freebies from creating this, it’s purely for my own enjoyment.

In order of the photo’s you see above:

1. Spin Spin dress // £33 – This is so beautiful, there are no words…

2. Night Fall maxi dress //£40 – Mix a bit of embroidery with some sheer mesh and BOOM, you get a whole lotta sexy. This dress is crazily perfect, I would just have to pick up some balls to wear it.

3. Sheer High Roller top // £18 – High necks are definitely crawling their way back into fashion for the winter, which is perfect for the cold weather. This piece takes traditional, flips it upside down and screams out ‘buy me!’.

4. Spike High leggings // £15 – Due to my personal loathing of my thighs, I’m yet to join the ‘high waisted and disco pants’ trend. However, these are a must have, spikes/studs are fab-u-lous.

5. Dark Side Skater skirt // £28 – Despite me giggling at the Star Wars pun, every girl needs a leather skirt in the wardrobe, excuse me while I drool over this baby.

Well thanks for reading my wishlist, I hope you like it as much as I do! Have you bought anything from Yayer? Seen anything you liked? Let me know!

Megan. xo

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