Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings 
Benefit Cosmetics Brow ZingsHey everyone! If you read my blog you’ll know that I recently invested in yet another Benefit Cosmetics product, the wonderfully rated eyebrow shaping kit ‘Brow Zings’. Check it out in my latest haul here! I thought seems as though I’ve used it a couple of times I would review it for you, my lovely subscribers!

So it comes in a cute little compact with a cool cover, and if your new to filling in your eyebrows, a ‘Beauty Lesson’ on how to apply the product correctly is included! A brilliant feature is that it has a mirror, perfect for if your on-the-go and need to quickly adjust your eyebrows or are in a rush and need to apply the product on a train! It includes 2 brushes and a mini-tweezer, to pluck away those unwanted and stray hairs!

The left hand side is a wax you use to ‘shape and define’ your brows with the hard-angled brush. You do need to use a fair amount as it isn’t as pigmented as I’d of hoped (the only downside to the product) but I find that three or four strokes in the wax and onto my brow suits me perfectly. The right hand side is a setting powder you use with your blending brush to ‘fill in’ your eyebrows, this most certainly makes your brows ‘zing’ (haha) and gives you that fuller look. The powder is a lot more pigmented than the wax so you don’t need a lot to fill in your brows, which means, yes, it’s gonna last me a long long time! Another huge bonus of the kit is that your brows last all day, and don’t smudge!

I suggest that if your going to buy this product, get an assistant to try it out on you first! They’ll help you find the perfect shade, as I did, due to the product coming in three shades; light, medium and dark. As I don’t really suit a, what I would call ‘strong’ brow, I try to make mine look as natural as possible. For example, I don’t fill in the inner of my brows too thick and I try not to extend my brow too far! This is my personal way of filling in and shaping my brows as I believe it compliments me best! After I’ve finished applying the product I also use a ‘lash and brow’ brush to neaten it up and give it a clean finish! Overall, I am super happy with the product so far and would highly reccomend it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the review! Do you use ‘Brow Zings’? Or another brow shaping kit you love? Let me know! Also I’m looking for an eyebrow gel to set my brows, does anyone know of a good one?

Megan. xo

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