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Lifestyle | The Joys of a To-Do List

May 27, 2015

I’m sure that if you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you that I’m a pretty organised person. I like to know what’s happening, when and how. Here’s some reasons why I love making To-Do lists…

Having a hectic life means that there’s often a lot of stuff to balance, whether it being University deadlines, work shifts or blog work that needs to be done, there’s often a lot to do in my world. I have always been a list person, so when I picked up this little gem from Paperchase – it seemed to make everything a little bit more manageable. There’s just something satisfying about ticking something off once it’s complete, am I right? I like to sit down at the beginning of the week and think of everything that I have planned for that coming week & what needs doing so that it all runs smoothly. I find that having it physically wrote down all in one place means that I’m unlikely to forget about it and it serves as a reminder that it needs to be done. The only thing I make sure that I don’t do is get stressed out about my list, as that defeats the point of the matter. If I need something done urgently I’ll give it a little underline and try and do that first so that I can breathe a little bit. I just find that once I have an all-ticked-off to do list, I feel very productive and like I’ve achieved a lot of little things!

Who else loves a good to-do list? I surely can’t be the only one. You can find lots of these tear-off lists in Paperchase and I just find that they’re so handy to have on your desk. Happy Organising!

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