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Self-Care OnlineThere’s a lot of talk of self-care in the blogging world this year, but do we take care of ourselves online?

Self-care is super important. It’s defined as being actions that you take for yourself to maintain your wellbeing. Where do I sign up?

There are lots of ways we can look after ourselves in terms of self-care. Ranging from simple tasks like hair-washing and nail-painting to things such as getting an early night, or having a bubble bath.

But what about self-care online? How do we look after ourselves in that sense?



The internet is a free country, that’s the beauty of it. You’re free (within social media guidelines) to do with your channels what you want. & along with that comes who you choose to follow.

I choose to follow people I engage with, people who inspire me and people who add value to my online life. I choose to not follow those who make me feel insecure, start unnecessary arguments or I simply don’t have anything in common with.

& that’s ok.

Why are we so scared to unfollow people? It’s not malicious, it’s a simple button click on the interwebs that may make someone’s ‘number’ go down by 1. It’s up to you to create your circle, make it a positive space so that it has a positive impact on your mind.

Like I blocked the girl who tweeted me Gossip Girl spoilers, NOT OKAY SATAN.

TIP: Mute those damn Daily Mail knobs too.



That phrase ‘fake it, ’til you make it’ can be relevant in some areas. But faking a life online that’s different to your real one can lead to a world of comparison.

& we all know that that ain’t pretty.

I think if you’re a sharer online, it’s important (for me, others may differ) to share both the highs and lows of your everyday life online. Keep it real for your own sake so that your life online and offline don’t become worlds apart.

Because that can be hard to keep up and people appreciate honesty!

I feel like as bloggers, people can look up to us, no matter the size of our audiences. It’s important to show that it’s ok to convey your real emotions/feelings/experiences, for both ourselves and that audience.

& well sometimes, like a wee, out is often better than in.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to share low moments. There’s always someone there for you.



Duh. The obvious one that lots of people preach but may not practice. Yet taking a few breaks from the online world, especially if you’re heavily invested can be freakin’ wonderful.

If taking a break isn’t for you, that’s ok. But for me, especially working within social media, I need to find at least an evening a week to go Insta-free and say goodbye to the Tweeters.

Because it’s so easy to become a complete obsessive scroller, right? Literally refreshing our feed in search of where the next like, the next sense of gratification is coming from.

I’ve had lots of breaks from social media this year and they were well needed. When was the last time you had a break? Even for an evening?

TIP: Balance. Pick up a book instead of your phone


What will you be doing to ensure you’re practicing self-care online?

Megan. xo