Thumbelina Lillie New Design Thumbelina Lillie New Design Thumbelina Lillie New DesignIt looks a bit different over here, doesn’t it? I decided that I needed a new design to get back on track…

Apart from the obvious snazzy new design (whaddya think?), may I also mention that today is my 24th birthday! HAPPY FREAKIN’ BIRTHDAY TO ME. What a wonderful day to bring back this blog of mine, right?

Anyway – back to business. I went and decided to take that big blogger leap and move on over to WordPress. I hear this is where all the cool people hang out. Is that true?

I think I had kind of outgrown Blogger. Lil ol’ Blogger with its super easy posting system but total lack of flexibility in terms of design. Blogger’s still a wonderful platform, don’t get me wrong, but I just felt like I needed that little bit more. Y’know – take the next step.

It seems like my holiday did me a world of good in terms of inspiration. Both that and a recent visit to my third #BloggersBlogAwards have given me a bit more of a ‘get up and go’ attitude.

This is what happens when you surround yourself with inspiring people.

Whilst we’re on the subject, the Bloggers Blog Awards was friggin’ fantastic. Hayley knocked it outta the park for the third year running and hosted an amazing afternoon.

I got to catch up with some lovely ladies who I’d previously met and squeeze some beaut new faces. I’ve been to all the Awards now and they never disappoint; it is the warmest, kindest and friendliest blogger atmosphere I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in.

I was basically Megan Beer-Hands whilst I was there.


I promise I won’t get side-tracked like this in all my new posts.

I wanted something fresh, clean and easy to navigate. Something that amplifies my photography yet still allows me to blabber on as much as I possibly can, and keep my personality in tow of course. Obviously, I had to get Phil from Pipdig in on this as, well, isn’t he a blogging theme/designer/all-round genius?!

With a homepage that compliments my *ahem* ever growing photography skills (I hope?!), and shows you some clothes & beauty products that I’m lusting after – it’s a step up from my previous theme.

& I hope that it doesn’t stop there. As I continue to get to grips with this new design, WordPress and all its plugins I hope the website continues to grow and blossom into a better experience for you guys. So anything you wanna see, hit me up on my social channels.

Oh, I’m totally gonna try post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Now, don’t hold me to that okay…

Megan. xo