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Blogging | Featuring in Blogosphere Magazine Issue 10!

September 12, 2016

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 10

To be featured in the blogging industry’s leading magazine, Blogosphere, is amazing. But it’s the words that have been written that mean the most…

It must have been a couple of months ago now when I was first contacted by the babe that is Albertine about featuring in Blogosphere’s latest issue. I remember my jaw dropping, my eyes widening and my heart beat thumping just that little bit faster. When Blogosphere first started, I remember seeing Estee on the front cover and downloading the e-version and sitting for hours taking it all in, searching for every blog recommendation and coming across new favourites. Blogosphere has since grown from strength to strength, featuring bloggers no matter size and follower count, and it encapsulates everything that is fabulous about our great industry.

When the magazine landed on my doorstep, I frantically tore it open in search for my little 15 seconds of magazine fame and I was thrilled. LOOK MAM I MADE IT INTO A MAGAZIIIIIIINE! With Thumbelina Lillie typed in large letter across a full-page spread, featuring one of my blog posts, I was super duper happy but what made me happier was what was wrote a few pages previous. The wonderful Becky from Becky Bedbug is Blogosphere’s lifestyle editor, meaning every issue she picks and chooses some of her current favourite blogs to spotlight, this time, one of those was mine. Becky wrote a short few sentences on why she had chosen my blog, and seriously, I wept.

You see, blogging is never shits and giggles all the time, we’re real people with real feelings. The past six months, I have had a constant gut fear that my blog is becoming irrelevant and that people are stopping reading. It’s not that I’m crying out for attention or trying to come up with clever clickbait (because page views are everything, right?), I just love the community and industry too much to not be part of it. I have the deepest passion for this space on the internet and the past four years I have poured my heart into it has been the best. So when Becky wrote those ever-so-lovely words, I felt an abundance of emotions, mostly joy at the realisation that people do care. I need to re-read that post I wrote about ‘not being defined by numbers‘ and slot that back into my conscious. Whether, 2, 20, or 20000, I just don’t care anymore. I blog for me now.

Do you read Blogosphere magazine?

Megan. xo

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