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Feelunique Beauty Diary

Feelunique Beauty Diary

Feelunique Beauty Diary

Feelunique Beauty Diary

Feelunique Beauty Diary

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Being a blogger, keeping organised is key and when a diary is combined fantastically well with your love for makeup, well then…

I mean, this little planner really does have it all for the beauty lover in your life, whether that’s you, your sister or your mate. Long gone are the days of planners that just consist of ye ol’ date with some lines for you to scribble on, oh no, this is so much more. The Feelunique Beauty Diary (£15) will set you up for 2017 in a wonder of ways. Boy, who’s ready for 2016 to come to a end so we can all start a fresh? I don’t believe in all that ‘New Year, New Me’ crap, but I think a lot of us are ready for a fresh new start, yes? Anyway, what does this little book have in store for you? Lemme split it down…

2017 Overview | A little overview of the year to come so that you can circle those dates that mean the most and see physically just how far away that summer holiday is.

Beauty Holidays & Important Dates | We have the obvious, you know, the ones we really care about, i.e. Pancake Day, Easter Sunday, National Chocolate Day. You get my drift? But as well as the other regulars, Feelunique has included some important beauty dates to add to our calendar. Such as the iconic London Fashion Week, National Lipstick Day and even… International No Selfies Day. We’ll expect Instagram to be quiet on that one!

Beauty Purchase List | I LOVE this page! Every month there is a page titled ‘Skint… Not So Skint’ which is a little planner for you to check your finances, figure out what’s a necessity, what’s a desire and what you can actually afford! You write down your little wishlist for the month, maybe it’s the latest ABH palette, or maybe you’re thinking of making a ColourPop order, and you can record whether you purchased it or not. I think it’s a great way to keep on eye on your beauty spends and what products you’re interested in!

Weekly Spreads | Each double page spread is split into your days of that week so that you can make note of your plans. There are cute little quotes and fun facts dotted about to really make you smile; It’s the little things, eh?

Discounts | All guys and gals who love a beauty splurge often search high and low for an online discount code or wait for one to go live so you can spend, spend, spend! Feelunique have done all the work for you by including them in the planner so that you will know when the best time to purchase your wishlist pieces! Genius right?

It’s the perfect last minute stocking filler idea for that big day that’s coming around so quickly! Eeek! This year is deifnitely the most unorganised I’ve been, so maybe this little planner will help me get things in order! Fingers crossed!

Megan. xo

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