Lifestyle | 10 Things for 2017 & A Reflection On Last Year

10 things for 2017

It’s that time of year where I reflect and look ahead. Let’s take a look at my ‘10 Things for 2016‘ and think of a brand new list for next year…


1 | Finish University with a 1st Class Honours | Totally nailed this one, we’re off to a good start here guys! I graduated from Teesside this year with that 1st Class Honours degree – what an achievement.

2 | Get a full-time job, hopefully in a Marketing or Social Media/PR role | Tick, tick, tick again! I landed my very first job in a social media role and have just landed a brand new one for the new year in Digital Marketing, so exciting! Lets hope that’ the beginning of 2017 is an awesome one.

3 | Start thinking about moving out with my boyfriend | Three in a row, bloomin’ heck 2016 you put out didn’t you! I feel like some sort of mind reader. I didn’t even start to think about moving out, we actually did it! I write this from the comfort of my very own sofa…

4 | READ MORE. Pick up a book girl! | Kind of, I guess I kind of read more. I purchase a bunch of books at the beginning of the year and managed to get through them all, so that’s kind of successful – I still want to read so much more however!

5 | Kick ass with my blog once University is over and done with. | Debatable! I guess I have definitely still seen an increase in numbers and I keep on getting these incredible opportunities with amazing brands. But, I wouldn’t necessarily say I kicked ass!

6 | Practice Yoga more at home. | Towards the beginning of the year, totally. But then it totally just faded out. I have high hopes for my ‘physical health’ in 2017 so fingers crossed I get my butt moving, and moving quickly!

7 | Try and go to sleep and wake up earlier. | HAHAHA. Let’s just skip this one.

8 | Go to as many blogging events as I possibly can | I definitely went to a few fabulous blogging events, especially the Blogosphere Christmas Party (read about that here) and the amazing Bloggers Blog Awards. I met SO many lovely people, it was amazing!

9 | Host another bloggers event! | Nope. Unfortunately not, maybe next year!

10 | Reduce my carbon footprint (more on this next year!) | Well this was a dream that just went away with the wind isn’t it…

– – –

10 THINGS FOR 2017

1 | Practice self-love a bit more, learn to accept myself.

2 | Get that gym membership and work my ass off!

3 | Get myself in a routine so I’m super organised.

4 | Take a bit of time out for myself, hello spa days!

5 | See more places that are brand new to me!

6 | Expand my cooking skills and try new things!

7 | Learn something completely new, maybe a language!

8 | Carry on meeting new people and making new friendships.

9 | Finish more of our house and start making it a home.

10 | Throw a cocktail night at my new house!

– – –

Let’s hope that I can achieve these things in 2017, I’m feeling very positive about next year. I love looking back and seeing what I was hoping 2016 to bring, and I’m so glad it brought a few (and more!) of those on my list. What are your goals for 2017?

There’s only one last thing left for me to say this year, and that’s that I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year, see you on the flip side!

Megan. xo

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