Lifestyle | An Afternoon in Great Ayton

There’s nothing like a catch up with those you love most. Here are some snaps from my previous trip out to get a break from everything…

Great Ayton is a little village on the outskirts of Middlesbrough and it is a place that makes me feel totally calm. It has its own set of unique homeware shops along with fresh fruit stalls and the best ice-cream that I have ever tried. Ever. It has the most beautiful river running through it and surrounding fields which are great to walk through if you need some fresh air or if you need some thinking time. Middlesbrough is known for its steel works and ‘smog’ (hence the name, smoggies), so it’s nice to be able to drive ten minutes away from that and escape to the countryside (hey hey). 

Suggits is known in the local area as one of the places to go for when you are in need of a treat. It is the height of traditional dairy ice cream that is just so delicious yet it also stocks old-fashioned sweets for you to buy also. On this particular day we just chilled, caught up on the past few weeks and took a walk through the fields and alongside the riverbed. It really is just the most relaxing place. We obviously couldn’t leave without taking some snaps to capture the moment – I feel as if I don’t take enough photos nowadays and I would like to change that! 

Let me know if you have a certain place to go away from a busy town to chill out and eat ice cream. Or if you have ever been to Great Ayton before if you live up North! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed a little bit of a different post today!

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