Summer Beauty Essentials with Holland and Barrett

Summer Beauty Essentials with Holland and Barrett

Summer Beauty Essentials with Holland and Barrett

Summer Beauty Essentials with Holland and Barrett

 -This post is sponsored by Holland and Barrett-

It’s important in the summer that we still look after our skin so that it’s beach ready and looking super sleek and fabulous…

You wouldn’t have guessed that Holland and Barrett are full to the brim of products to help you with your beauty regime. There are numerous products that you could slip into your routine to make you feel fabulous in the sun.

SCRUB | It’s important that we exfoliate our skin from time to time to remove all the dead skin cells and leave us with a smooth surface. I always find that the back of the top of my arms always feels rough and bumpy, so exfoliating these on a regular basis works a dream. The Bean Body Coconut Coffee Bean Scrub (£14.95) is an organic product that smells just like a holiday and the coffee is so uplifting to totally wake you up on a morning. 

SOFTEN | There is no better feeling for me than getting into bed with clean-shaven legs that have been moisturised, am I right?! There’s something about that sleek feeling that makes me feel like a total dolphin because I just feel so streamlined! The key to soft skin, heck, soft anything is coconut oil and this Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil (£15.59) works a treat for anything. You can soften your skin by applying this after a bath. Use it on your hair as an overnight makes, to wash out and be left with silky locks. Or substitute in cooking as a healthier alternative to your typical oil – incredible! The possibilities with coconut oil are endless, it’s such a wonder product! 

SHINE | If you are a regular reader of Thumbelina Lillie, then you will know that facial oils play a huge part in my everyday skincare routine. Whether it’s something hydrating on a morning, or skin-balancing on an evening, you will always find a handful in my stash. I still use oils throughout the summer, despite the heat, as they seem to work miracles. This Miaflora Cacay Oil (£24.99) has so much goodness packed into it, it almost seems to good to be true. Rosehip Oil is one of my favourites, and this beauty has more retinol than that, which is well known for it’s anti-aging and balancing properties! It leaves your skin feeling refreshed, without being greasy, everything I need in an oil!

WHITEN | Now teeth are something we should look after all year round, but we tend to get them out more in the summer time whilst we are laughing with our friends in the sun. I would never have thought I would be reaching for a black toothpaste for whitening properties, but that is just what the EcoDenta Charcoal Toothpaste is. It assists in removing the plaque and refreshing the mouth whilst protecting against tartar. I haven’t seen any huge differences yet, but I am hoping over time to see an improvement!

My eyes have been opened to the beauty essentials from Holland and Barrett, there are so much to choose from! I’ll definitely be popping in store to check out what else they have to offer! What are your summer beauty essentials?

Megan. xo

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