Okay, I hope you are ready for a hefty confession… I have never bought or used any bath bombs, bubble bars, or what have you from Lush, until now. Phew. As a firm shower user and a very occasional bath-dipper, I’ve never really felt the need to use any of those particular type of products until one day after work I thought I would go treat myself to help me relax a bit more and I was growing somewhat tiresome of the Radox bubblebaths.

Naturally I gravitated to everything that was well, pink. I firstly picked up two Christmas sale items which had 50% off (bargo!) which were the Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar (£2.48) and the Magic Wand Bubble Bar (£2.63). As soon as my eyes caught a glimpse of a pink star on a wand I didn’t care what it was I just I knew that it had to be mine and I cannot wait until the moment that I swirl this around in my tub. It’s the little things, right? From their more permanent line I bought The Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.75) which is one that I’ve seen creep up a lot of times on blogs so was very excited to try. I snapped off a bit to try the other day and was certainly not disappointed, a beautiful smelling product that creates bubbles until your hearts content. The other product was the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (£3.25) where part of me wants to leave it on my shelf looking pretty. I don’t know anything about Lush’s bath bombs so you’ll have to watch this space…

So that’s it, my first ever Lush haul. I can’t imagine that this will be my last either, as the stuff just smells so good and the process in the shop is a little bit too aesthetically pleasing to me. (Anyone else?). Let me know some of your favourite Lush products and any that you think that I would like, I’m just dying to visit the store again! Thanks for reading!

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