You all know that pink and purple are two of my ultimate favourite colours, so when I get the chance I like to incorporate them in every single way. Here’s those that belong in the bathroom…

Lets get the boring ones out the way; Flannels & Razors. Although a lot of cleansers these days come with a muslin cloth, I usually just throw them away as I find they do absolutely nothing for me and my skin. I prefer to use a flannel as they help with exfoliation as well as removing any unwanted make-up or dirt. I have relatively dry skin and these Primark flannels just win over muslin cloths for helping battle against that. It’s well into Spring time now which means I can start letting my pale pins out in to the world which means my legs need to be, ahem, fuzz free shall I say. And well, razors are razors so I don’t tend to go all crazy on them (as long as they are pink). I find that BIC Soleil Disposable Razors do the job well for less than £4.

Something I do believe is worth investing in, is dental hygiene, especially a good toothbrush. This lilac (okay, it’s not pink) Foreo Issa* has served me well for the past few weeks I have been using it. It’s a silicone electric toothbrush that holds up to 365 uses after a single hour of charge. I love that the brush tells you when to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth – perfect for a girl who tends to day dream like me! And as I’ve been wanting to be that little bit more tan this month, I’ve been reaching for my Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze* which is an incredible gradual self-tanner. I see results within an hour and it’s 100% fuss free and streak free. A fake tan that I actually like and don’t feel all orang-utan when wearing!

What are your bathroom essentials? Are you a sucker for anything a particular colour? Obviously mine would be pink, wouldn’t it… Let me know in the comments below, thanks for reading!

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