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Advertising | Meet My May ’16 Advertisers!

May 30, 2016

Hiya! My names Siobhan and I run the beauty baker which is a “everything” blog, basically, I blog about whatever my little heart desires whether that’s beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle or food related! I’m a little Welsh girl living in England that has an insane obsession with makeup, marvel (mainly spider-man) and baking.

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We created Dames & Dimes as we recognised that more and more people were becoming concerned with what is being put on their skin and we believed we could deliver products that were natural, safe and effective. You won’t find synthetic fragrances or colours in our products which is just dandy because we find they irritate sensitive skin. Our products are packed with natural ingredients and we even make use of organic unrefined shea butter, organic unrefined cocoa butter and organic beeswax. As a majority of our products are made from natural oils and butters, they do not require any preservatives as there is no water for nasty micro-organisms to grow in our products. Everyone’s a winner here at Dames & Dimes. Except the micro-organisms of course. As an added bonus, we’re offering 10% off your very first order.

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Hey! I’m Katie, a Lincolnshire-based blogger over on: I blog mostly about beauty and lifestyle with the odd random rant or chat about issues within society. Over on you will find honest and chatty posts. I hope you can pop over! x

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Hiya! *speedy wave* I’m Beth, a 20 something, self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur with a ridiculous beauty obsession. That combined with my passion for writing created Oh So August’ as its offspring. Aside from swooning over make-up, you will probably also find me rambling on about interiors, food and writing nostalgic lists. Alongside blogging, I’m a marketer, competitive cheerleader, and one day aspire to have as much sass as Blair Warldorf. I’m extremely partial to colourful cocktails, reality TV, fairy lights and ice-cream (straight from the tub; obviously). Without waffling on too much, I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

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If you’d like to advertise me in any further months, you can find out all information, statistics and prices here.

Megan. xo

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