Hello! I’m the beauty baker and I blog about basically whatever my heart desires whether it’s a beauty review, haul, fashion post, recipe, review of a place or somewhere I’ve travelled! I’m Siobhan, a 20 year old Welsh girl living in England with a massive wonderlust so trying to save my pennies to travel the world some day especially Australia. I’m obsessed with taking photos too whether it’s of products, landscape of people on my dslr or just taking them on my phone of friends and my dog jasper, who just happens to feature a lot on my blog! If you’re looking for somewhere that is full of healthy recipes and always positive then my blogs not for you, I blog about my honest opinions so if I don’t like something I’ll say it no matter what and my recipes are always full of sugar and are mainly cake and the odd sangria. I mean who doesn’t love sangria?

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Hi! I’m Hayley, I’m a 22 year old blogger from Sheffield. My blog is still pretty young, and i’m not really the best mother to it. I do leave it a little neglected sometimes when i cant find any ideas, or having a full time job gets in the way (oops!) But i blog mostly about Makeup, Beauty and I enjoy writing Makeup Look posts.I am planning on branching out and including more lifestyle like posts and maybe some travel ones (as i actually have plans to travel this year!) So look out for those soon! I love reading any comments that are left for me on my posts. As I really enjoy being part of this community, so come and say hi!

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Hi there guys! I’m Anastasia and I blog over at Dainty Desires, a UK based blog that concentrates on fashion, beauty and lifestyle! Dainty Desires was born in 2012 when I was right in the middle of university and I wanted to blog about books and beauty. Well, I still do blog about books and beauty but my niche has now expanded to lifestyle, travel and fashion as well. I think blogging is about life and your blog will change as you do so if you fancy a read that incorporates a bit of everything, click on over and say hi! 

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Hi there ! My name is Hannah, I am 24, cat and nail obsessed. I set up my blog Loveyournailsxo in February 2014 as a platform to share my love for all things nail and beauty related. I enjoy sharing posts like nails of the day, reviews, monthly favourites, as well as my latest nail finds, tricks and tips. So if you love all things nails and Netflix, pop over and come say hi !

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