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The Curing House, Middlesbrough

Brunch at The Curing House, Middlesbrough

The Curing House, Middlesbrough

Tea at The Curing House, Middlesbrough

French Toast and Bacon at The Curing House, Middlesbrough

The Curing House, Middlesbrough

After loving The Nuthatch (post here) so much and more and more places popping up as I type. I decided to give another place on Bedford Street a try, this time, it was The Curing House

Created by a family that has a passion for food, The Curing House is a unique dining experience. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant of which specialises in charcuterie so I didn’t have any expectations upon my visit, all that I expected was a bloody good meal. The place is beautifully decorated with a very open space, hanging copper lights, white exposed brick and slightly 70’s inspired furniture. As Carli and myself decided to pop in quite early, we were met with a rather fabulous Brunch menu.

With a pot of tea to start (because we’re super British), we pondered the menu and our eyes met on exactly the same dish. From a choice of breakfast delights and light lunch meals, we had made up our minds almost instantly: French Toast, House Cured Streaky Bacon with a Thyme and Honey Glaze. Eggy Bread, as us commoners call it, has always had a special place in my heart (and on my plate) so I knew that it would be a great choice.

Our dishes came swiftly and our plates looked an absolute dream. Two thickly cut slices of their homemade bread French style and two streaks of bacon, topped with a few berries and the glaze. I would have liked a little jug of the glaze to add a bit more, as I felt it lacked slightly, but nevertheless, it was delicious. I totally regretted the bowl of Cheerios I had devoured a few hours previous, as I couldn’t eat the entire thing! For what you get, I think the price is on the more expensive side at £7, but I suppose it’s all because of the products, it’s not any ol’ rubbish clearly.

I’ll definitely be back to try out the evening menu or perhaps go for Sunday Lunch to see what their Yorkshire Puds are like… Let me know what your favourite dishes are for a Brunch, do you love Eggy Bread as much as I do?! If you’re in the area, go pay The Curing House a visit also!

Megan. xo

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