Burberry and Rimmel Plum Lipsticks

Burberry and Rimmel Plum Lipsticks

Burberry and Rimmel Plum Lipsticks

Dark lips are obviously all the rage when the dark nights set in. There’s something about the sun going down at 3pm that makes us want to get our dark lip on and wear all black…

I am going to hold my hands up as high as I can and admit that 90% of the time – I ain’t wearing a dark lip. It’s bright red, pink or a nude option for me thank you very much. However, some of the time, if I’m feeling adventurous, I will whack out a darker berry/purple shade. Maybe if I want to feel like I’m back in my teens listening to My Chemical Romance whilst my fringe covers my entire eyeballs…

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick‘s (£3.50) are some of my favourite budget, high street lip options and the shade Starry Eyed is certainly no different. They have a really lightweight formula that glides onto the lips and with a couple of swipes it’s bursting with colour with a satin finish. They are extremely comfortable to wear but do require a top up every now and then if you’re having a bevvy or two. If you are a regular dark-lip wearer and want something a bit more special to add to your collection, the Burberry Lip Velvets (£26) are a real gem. The shade Oxblood is the catwalk colour for the models and rightly so, it’s perfect for perking up any makeup look. Like the previous, it takes a colour of sweeps to build up colour but the finish of this is more of a matte-satin, still comfortable to wear, non-drying and not as glossy – beautiful! The magnetised casing just tops it off too…

So depending on your budget and your finish preference, there’s two options for you. I, myself, will always have a place in my heart for Rimmel lipsticks, I find them just fabulous for the price that they are! Which one would be on your wish list? Let me know your favourite Winter Lip option too!


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