Charlotte Tilbury Love is a Drug Blusher

theBalm Instain Blusher

Benefit Dandelion Blusher

Blushers never had a place in my makeup collection up until a couple of months ago. I was never one for a rosy glow now I can’t get quite get enough of it…

The obsession started with Benefit’s Dandelion, a pale and dainty pink that added the teeniest bit of colour to your cheeks. Enough to give you a healthy flush, yet the paleness meant you never go OTT and end up looking like Aunt Sally. (Please tell me you know who that is!) These box o’powders from Benefit seem to be never ending boxes of product, meaning that they’ll last a long time in you collection. Next up is theBalm’s Instain blush which has a rather purple tinge to it. A colour I’d never of imagined wiping across my cheeks. It seems to stick around for hours, which is perfect as blush is often the first thing to disappear! It also comes in the most travel friendly, sleek little packaging too. Winner! Finally we have the most luxurious, the nipple-shaped Charlotte Tilbury Love is the Drug blusher. Despite the odd design, it’s definitely a beautiful piece. It creates the most beautiful glow to the face, making you look rosy and flushed and all alive on the outside! It’s a wonder product!

So there’s a little lowdown on my (now) little blusher loves. Let me know in the comments below whether you’re a blush person and if so, what your favourite ones are. I’d love to add more to my collection now that I actually use them!


Megan. xo

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