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Beauty | theBalm & Why I Love Them

November 3, 2015

theBalm Nude'tude Palette

theBalm Lipstick

theBalm Instain Blusher

There are some brands that I buy for convenience, some that I buy for the luxury excitement and some that I just seem to love using again and again. Recently I won some products, and boy was I ecstatic…

When I began blogging all those (three) years ago I had no idea theBalm existed. Although they came about as a brand in 2004, I only really began discovering their products in the last 18 months through this whole blogging thing. I quickly began to see their products pop up here, there and eventually everywhere with people praising their pigmentation and packaging and I became quickly engulfed by the brand. Known for their multi-use products, old-school gimmicky but quirky packaging and beautiful shade ranges, I am pleased to have so many of their products in my collections – especially when they are paraben and cruelty-free!

I have always found their products to be of amazing quality. Their eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented and blend like a dream, their blushes have amazing colour pay off, their lipsticks last for hours on end and everything seems to smell pretty lovely. After very kindly receiving their Schwing Liquid Liner as a gift around a year ago, I have since repurchased it four times I love it that much. It’s become a firm daily favourite for me, along side with lots of their other products. If I could recommend another product, their Lumanizer Highlighters are beautiful (something exciting coming for Christmas!).

So I guess this post is just a little mini cheerlead for a brand that I love and am glad to see doing well. I’ve luckily been given a little look of their Christmas stuff and it’s fabulous so I can’t wait to share that with you! Let me know your thoughts on theBalm down below and share some of your favourite products. Maybe you haven’t got around to trying them yet?

Megan. xo

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