Do you know how hard it is to take acceptable photos of yourself drying your hair? I think the above shows how bloomin’ difficult it is! But hey, look at my pretty new gadget…

When you and I think of ghd, straighteners come to mind. A classic, staple product of the ‘noughties that you’ll find often in a woman’s hair tool collection. You often forget that they do actually sell other products alongside their straighteners. Well they do, and, well, they’re great. Their classic Air Hairdryer has had a very pink makeover (very good choice) and the brand have released the Vintage Pink Styler (£99). Lemme just start with saying that £10 of every sale of this particular style goes to Breast Cancer Now, which is just darn incredible, isn’t it?

Despite having very pretty rose gold/pink accents, the hairdryer is actually a brilliant tool to use. Drying my hair has been made easier due to not only the speed that this dries the hair, but also the weight of it. It is super light so that you arm doesn’t ache whilst doing what can often be a tedious job. Another little touch is that it’s been made for both left handed and right handed users, which may sound odd to you but as I’m left handed I often find the buttons are on the wrong side of the tool for me to use, so ghd have made this so much more easier! 

With a 1-year guarantee and a powerful motor, I know this beauty is going to last me a long time. Bonus points that it’s an absolutely gorgeous model. Hairdryers are often investment pieces, do you tend to spend a lot for something that will last you? Or have you found cheaper alternatives? Are you a lover of ghd and their products? Let me know in the comments below! 

Megan. xo

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